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Our Qualifications and Reviews

IBAT College, in conjunction with our learning partners, offers a wide-range of full and part-time programmes to suit your needs. Courses range from short skills-based programmes to full-time honours degree and postgraduate courses and cover a range of levels from the national framework of qualifications.

In order to ensure the highest possible standard of education is provided, IBAT College conduct a number of internal and external reviews and have a Quality Assurance Handbook.

Reviews completed by IBAT College:

  • Institutional Review June 2012
  • Programme Validation by University of Wales (2011)
  • HETAC Programmatic Review (2011)
  • FETAC Monitoring and Inspection (2011)
  • HETAC and University of Wales Campus Review (2011)
  • Accounting Technician's of Ireland (2011)
  • ACCA Gold Provider Accreditation Review (2009)
  • HETAC Early Provider Monitoring (2009)
  • ICM Inspection (2010)


National Framework of Qualifications:



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