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General English Course

Ref Code: CGEBL1F

Accredited By: ACELS

Fee: See guide fee below. Note fee may be lower depending on duration, times and visa requirement/nationality. Please contact an Admissions Advisor to obtain an accurate quote.

Duration: 1-50 weeks

Location: City Centre Only

Start Date: Weekly Enrolments

City Centre Days: Monday - Thursday

More Info:
GUIDE FEES: MORNING: €195 per wk for 1-4 wks,€175 per wk for 5-12 wks,€150 per wk for 13-24 wks,€3,500 for 25 wks,€6,000 for 50 wks AFTERNOON: €170 per wk for 1-4 wks,€150 per wk for 5-12 wks,€130 per wk for 13-24 wks,€3,200 25 wks, €6,000 50 wks

What our Students are saying

"The optional pronunciation and conversation class on Fridays not only have helped me a lot with my English but have also enabled me to get to know new people. All in all, I will not hesitate to choose IBAT College for my next course or to recommend it to my friends"

"Las clases optativas de pronunciación y conversación de los viernes me ayudaron mucho, no solo a mejorar mi inglés, sino también a conocer a mucha gente y hacer nuevos amigos. Por todo lo mencionado anteriormente y por mucho más, no dudo en volver a elegir Ibat para mi próximo curso de inglés o en recomendarlo a mis amigos"

Diego Arocena

"I visited so many exciting places in Ireland though the trips organized by IBAT College.’ ‘Yo conocí muchos lugares excitantes a través de estos viajes organizados pour IBAT"

Alejandro Schilling

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General English Courses

  • Beginners (Below A1 on the CEFR*)
  • Elementary (A1 on the CEFR)
  • Pre-intermediate (B1 on the CEFR)
  • Intermediate (B1 on the CEFR)
  • Upper-intermediate (B2 on the CEFR)
  • Advanced (C1 on the CEFR)

General English classes are offered at all levels in groups of a maximum of 15 students. Timetables are flexible, so students may study in the mornings or afternoons.


The morning class times are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday





Social Outings

The afternoon class times are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday






Teachers use a personal approach to ensure that students develop at their own pace, while focusing on the key elements of language learning such as grammar, vocabulary, receptive, productive skills and basic practical language functions, such as:

course explain
  • Dealing with daily problems and life situations:
    • Going to the bank and opening an account
    • Asking for directions
    • Visiting a doctor/dentist and describing symptoms
  • Telephone skills
  • Letter-writing skills - cover letters, complaint letters, emails etc
  • Curriculum Vitae - structure and content

Classes also include specifically designed cultural lessons which focus on different aspects of Irish culture. Some of these lessons are also linked to trips which are taken during class-time to museums and historical areas around the city.

Tests and examinations

Every week, students will be tested on what they have covered in class. These tests may be communicative or written and focus on all the skills.

Every four weeks, students will do a more complete test which is based on all the material covered in the course book and extra exercises.

Note: All visa-required students must take the EDI JETSET at the end of their course of study. The level of the exam depends on the level the student has reached when they finish the study programme. Each month, students will do one of these exams to practise techniques and timing. This will prepare them for the real exam at the end of their programme.

The levels for these EDI exams are as follows:

English Level JETSET Levels *QCA Accredited Titles Common European Framework (CEF) of Reference for Language Qualifications


JETSET 6 (Previously SET 2)

EDI Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (CEFR 1)

C1 Effective Operational Proficiency


JETSET 5 (Previously SET 1)

EDI Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International (CEFR B2)

B2 Vantage


JETSET 4 (Previously SET 4)

EDI Entry 3 Certificate in ESOL International (CEFR B1)

B1 Threshold


JETSET 3 (Previously JET 3)

EDI Entry 2 Certificate in ESOL International (CEFR A2)

A2 Waystage


JETSET 2 (Previously JET 2)

EDI Entry 1 Certificate in ESOL International (CEFR A1)

A1 Breakthrough


JETSET 1 (Previously JET 1)

Below A1


For each test, the student will get a grade, and if they show enough progress in these tests, they will be considered for a level test to move to the next level.


We also encourage students to work on their own, with guidance from the teachers. There is free wi-fi access throughout the building and Ibat also has 2 fully-equipped computer laboratories, as well as computer points located in the student areas.

Students may also use the library computers to access online materials. Our librarian is also happy to meet students and talk to them about the resources that are available in the library. These include access to online English-language activities and other exam-specific materials.

* CEFR (Common European Framework) This language grading system divides learners into six levels based on their language abilities in the main areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing

Dublin City Campus


IBAT College Dublin,
16-19 Wellington Quay,
Dublin 2,

Call +353-1-8075055

Email enquiry@ibat.ie