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Financial Management

This module in the IBAT College Dublin MBA provides students with an in-depth study of financial techniques and processes which enable management to evaluate and make strategic decisions in the context of competitive international environments. Students will research, apply and evaluate a variety of financial assessment techniques for application to a case study as well as evaluate and critically discuss various issues and theoretical frameworks used in the management and control of financial resources.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA gives you the skills to analyse complex financial data and pre-empt potential problems as well as identifying exciting opportunities.

Managing People

People are the main source of competitive advantage for any business, particularly in the service sector. Talent management and influential leadership are traits we are keen to develop amongst our students at IBAT College Dublin. Throughout this module you are encouraged to consider origins of managerial power and influence and how they exert these abilities to develop organisational performance. You will develop a critical and analytical understanding of the complexity of the Human Resource in the context of the distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programmes and practices used in the workplace to improve employee capability and commitment and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage or superior public services.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA lets you develop your own managerial and leadership style – importantly making you understand the nature of your style and the impacts of your actions on those around you.

Strategic Management

This module in the IBAT College Dublin MBA aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strategic management process for organisations, which integrates the other core modules and provides a platform for the practice or further study of business activities. Postgraduate MBA students will be provided with understanding and experience of current strategic thinking and practice which identifies corporate success, excellence and strategic leadership to contribute to innovative decision making at senior and corporate level.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA gives you the skills needed to critically evaluate competitive and development strategies, in the context of contemporary strategic management issues, assess the factors that must be considered in strategy implementation.

Marketing Management

Marketing is a ubiquitous commodity. We are constantly exposed to various marketing efforts and new techniques. By studying Marketing Management in the IBAT College Dublin MBA students will develop skills to identify how to market to key demographics but also gain an appreciation for how corporations target you as an individual or indeed your company as a customer. You will develop the ability to critically appraise key marketing activities as well as anticipate and critically evaluate future developments in the field of marketing especially through technology.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA develops a marketing sensibility that allows students to assess the contribution of marketing in any organisation and critically evaluate its marketing activities.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management module as part of the IBAT College Dublin MBA will allow students to develop a critical and analytical understanding of the changing nature of HRM in a global context, from a primary focus on supporting line managers to manage their people well, to a more specialised and professional one of delivering sustainable organisation capability and performance. Students will learn the intricacies of employee motivation as well as managerial skills for managing a diverse workforce. The module is developed with the managerial consideration of implementing HR policies.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA exposes students to the cause and effects of HR and IHR complications. The many, varied means by which you, as a manager, deal with HR issues will also go some way to defining you as a manager.

International Business

Business today is developing in a growing global marketplace in which different systems and cultures co-exist and function with increasing influence. Effective international management depends heavily on good understanding of wide variety of cultures and practices existing in regional, national, industry and organisational contexts. The International Business module in the IBAT College Dublin MBA programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business theories and practices in an international environment. Students will evaluate the different modes of engagement with international markets and explore the interconnectedness between these and the economic, legal, governmental, political, regulatory, cultural and other environments in which expanding companies operate.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA emphasises the need for awareness of how different cultural systems operate and equips students with the skills to respond accordingly.

The Dissertation and associated Research Proposal

The dissertation is designed to develop theoretical and practical skills through a sustained piece of independent intellectual work. Students plan, organise and carry out an independent study; integrating academic perspectives with management concepts and techniques to analyse a research problem. Further, the student will systematically and creatively, draw conclusions and recommend with a justification of further research.

The IBAT College Dublin MBA is completed with a detailed examination of a business topic that the student is passionate about. Students will be assisted by a subject specialist in completing a rigorous and challenging capstone project. Students often focus their dissertations on areas of employment they wish to pursue or on business situations they are currently exposed to. It is the goal of the IBAT College Dublin MBA that students become Masters of their own business interests.

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