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Bachelor of Business:


Diploma in Consumer Psychology

The Diploma provides you with insights and analysis of the key individual and group orientated factors that drive consumer consumption, addressing the question of why consumer behave as they do.

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Diploma in Negotiation and Conflict Management

Negotiation and conflict resolution are crucial skills both inside and outside of work. They are vital for everything from negotiating agreements, negotiating commitment to carry out agreements and changing agreements that are no longer optimal. In addition, leaders, managers, and supervisors spend significant amounts of their time resolving conflicts, mediating disputes and negotiating with others The ability to negotiate effectively and manage conflict is one of the most valuable skill sets within organisations.

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Diploma in Psychology

: Studying psychology is of interest to everyone, both in terms of getting to know ourselves, the world around us, and the people in it. Learning about how we think and how this influences aspects of our behaviour helps enormously in daily life.

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Diploma in the Psychology of Work

Work Psychology is a field of psychology that applies psychological theories in organisations. Psychology is a study of mind and behaviour.

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Professional Diploma:

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