Diploma in Fintech

Learn the fundamental aspects of finance combined with the latest in technology

11 weeks, part-time, one evening per week
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24th September 2019
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Why Fintech

“Financial Technology, nowadays better known under the term 'FinTech', describes a business that aims at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology”, - https://www.fintechweekly.com/fintech-definition.   

More specifically, “the Financial Services Industry plays a key role for businesses and society since it enables saving and investment, provides protection from risks and supports the creation of new jobs and enterprises”, (Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy in the 21st Century).

FinTech has accelerated product and service digitisation, and changed business / customer demands, forcing financial organizations to compete in new ways.  It has evolved from the finance industry to impacting a variety of areas in both B2C and B2B environments.  The opportunities for job creation and growth in this section are enormous for a small country like Ireland. “Let’s be ambitious from an Irish perspective, as to where we sit on a global stage. That’s the opportunity.” Mo Harvey, FinTech and financial services lead with Enterprise Ireland for Asia Pacific.

Course Overview

The programme sits at the intersection of finance and technology, accessing the financial world and giving insight to the major technologies involved.  It considers the key trends and knowledge points in financial technology and associated regulation to better prepare the graduate for opportunities to work in this in this key area. It is also of interest to those already working in finance, addressing the risks and challenges in financial technology for traditional financial institutions.

By gaining an understanding of the fundamental aspects of finance, including payments and regulations (RegTech) and combing it with the latest in technology, focusing on cloud computing platforms that provide SaaS offerings over traditional data centers, this course positions itself at heart of the FinTech revolution.

On successful completion of this Diploma, you will be able to:

  1. Outline the impact of FinTech on various industries
  2. Discuss the impact of regulation on a FinTech related business concept
  3. Examine the security and ethical issues of financial technology
  4. Appraise the use of Blockchain and alternative payments in the financial services industry
  5. Identify how cloud computing influences the on-going development of FinTech

Course Content


  • FinTech Innovation & Digital Transformation
  • Start-ups and primary competitors in the Irish and international FinTech space
  • Payments Infrastructure
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Cloud Computing & FinTech
  • RegTech – FinTech regulation
  • FinTech ethics, privacy & security
  • Future of FinTech


Participants will be required to successfully to complete a fintech project worth 100% of the Diploma.  There is no formal exam. 

Career Opportunities

Those who successfully complete the programme can take the related Diploma in Financial Management (for non-finance managers).  Alternatively you can work in companies that are or about to leverage FinTech to enhance or create new and exciting financial services for their customers and businesses.  These can include companies operating in a variety of financial services, and non-finance organisations embracing aspects of FinTech in their operations. 

Lecturer Profile

/ Lecturer Diploma in Diploma in FinTech /

Entry Requirements

The programme is designed for those want to learn about financial technology and its impact on the financial world. Basic knowledge and skills in computing are required, as is a general interest in finance.

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