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Take your sports career to the next level with an online Diploma in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise or a Diploma in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

With a current value of around $488 billion, the sports market continues to grow at unprecedented rates around the world across all types of sports, bringing with it exciting business opportunities.

IBAT’s online diplomas are aimed at those who are interested in the role that psychology and/or nutrition plays in improving athletes’ overall performance. Sport psychology has a core focus on understanding the developmental and social aspects of sport performance and physical activity. The online diploma has been designed to ensure you thrive in the dynamic field of sports management, covering core topics as motivation, the impact of stress and team dynamics as well as covering goal setting.

Alternatively, IBAT’s nutrition for sport and exercise course focuses more on the role that nutrition plays in reaching individual goals. As obesity levels around the developed world continue to increase, interest in nutrition and its relation to exercise has also risen in recent years. The course will introduce you to the different areas of food science as well as balanced and healthy diets.

Gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-expanding sports industry and enjoy a career in rewarding roles ranging from training professional and amateur athletes to providing coaching in health, wellbeing and overall lifestyle.

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