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Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

Diploma in Tech Fundamentals

10 weeks part-time, one evening per week 6.30-9.30pm
Start Date:
28th February 2019
Accredited By:
Code Institute
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Why Tech Fundamentals

Code Institute was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to creating courses to help bridge the growing communication and skills gap in the ICT sector. Code Institute works closely with subject matter experts to create a globally recognised set of standards. A panel of industry-leading experts – including members from Accenture, Dell, GSK, and PayPal – make up the Industry Advisory Council (IAC). The IAC reviews, validate and recommend syllabus improvements, ensuring the most relevant technologies and languages are taught. Maximising employability and bridging the growing ICT communication skills gap underpins the philosophy of the Code Institute.

Closing The Gap Between Technology & Business Transformations

As time goes by, traditional practitioners in areas such as Marketing, Finance, HR and Recruitment have found more and more of their time is being taken up by projects with ever increasing digital elements. This has created a new tech literacy issue due to complicated technical language. To bridge the communication gap, the Diploma in Tech Fundamentals was created. This course will teach you how to speak the language of coders, without actually becoming a developer to do so.

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Course Overview

At the end of this course you will come away with the ability to effectively plan and communicate all of the digital elements of your projects. By knowing the capabilities and skills involved, you will be equipped to handle all of a client’s queries at the outset of a project, plan accordingly, and then communicate the requirements to your development team in a language they can understand. You will learn how different programming languages interact, and the function of each. Utilising this knowledge will allow you to become an innovator on the digital elements of projects and have a greater input. Finally, you will learn how to empower and build great digital teams.

An information-packed course that will help you accelerate your path to success in today’s Digital Age.

  • Improve your overall tech-literacy and stay relevant.
  • Leverage the benefits of Big Data and the Cloud.
  • Identify opportunities and threats.
  • Improve you communication and cross-team collaboration with IT teams and tech colleagues.
  • Grasp the core principles of coding.
  • Identify the most relevant programming languages in Front End and Back End development.
  • Take control of the technical elements of projects that affect your department/role.
  • Make more effective decisions by understanding development processes, skills, languages and IT tools.
  • Eliminate waste & downtime: Implement Lean and Agile work practices in your workplace.

Course Highlights

  • Suitable For All Levels
  • 10 Modules
  • 1.5 Hours Per Week
  • 1 Diploma Upon Completion
  • Blended and Flexible Learning (Both Classroom and Mobile Accessible Content)
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Course Content

The course benefits from both classroom delivery and the Code Institute’s online delivery model, so it’s closer to a blended learning experience, all learners will have access to resources on the IBAT Portal and Moodle page as well as access to the Code Institute's own repository of online resources. The repository of online resources includes instructor videos, activities, quizzes and finally the assessment test/quiz for each module.


  • Week 1:
    Front end development

  • Week 2: 
    Programming Languages

  • Week 3:
    Data Storage and Retrieval

  • Week 4:
    Data Management

  • Week 5:
    Cloud Computing

  • Week 6:
    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Week 7:

  • Week 8:
    Open Source Development

  • Week 9:
    Software Development Process

  • Week 10:
    Building and Empowering Great Teams


Learners must complete an online test/quiz for each of the 10 modules, and each test is worth 10%. The number of questions per test range from 7-10 questions depending on the size of the module. Learners must achieve an average of 70% across all 10 tests for certification, but even if learners do poorly in one test, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves and bring up the average with subsequent tests.

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Why IBAT College?

Career Potential
Maximise your career potential as you remain working while obtaining a professionally relevant, career enhancing, qualification at the same time.

Excellent Lecturing Staff
Learn from friendly and highly qualified academic staff, with industry experience, in small class-sizes, and guest lecturers who are experts in their fields.

Student Experience
Being part of a culturally diverse student nationality mix at IBAT College Dublin, with learners from over 30 different countries, gives you the opportunity to learn culturally different working methods first-hand, and the fundamentals to succeed in a globally connected network once you graduate.

City Centre Location
With our campus located in Dublin city centre, in Temple Bar, you are close to all major transport hubs making it easy to attend classes in between work and home.

Programme Material
Printed course notes are supplied for the first lecture. All subsequent notes are then available to download/view/print through the student virtual learning (Moodle) platform.

Career Opportunities

Improve your career by being able to brief in projects to developers in a language you will both understand. Understanding the key concepts and opportunities of software development means you can plan and execute projects on time and within budget. You will have knowledge of all the main programming languages, and their uses, and be able to build and empower great teams working towards the same goals.

Lecturer Profile

John Rowley
John Rowley/ Lecturer Diploma in Tech Fundamentals /
John Rowley's career spans web development (LAMP), Web Manager and Corporate spokesman (Ryanair), 11 years in software management and development (Symantec, Corel), technical training (PHP, MySQL, Perl, XML, C#, CSS Javascript), technical writing (C++, Java), documentation management and news journalism. He was the first PHP developer in Ireland to achieve Zend PHP Certification and the first technical writer in Ireland to document C++ compiler and application frameworks. He has worked as a consultant / developer for Irish Rail, Suzuki, Nestle, and Eli Lilly. He currently works as a .NET information architect for the ECDL foundation where he develops the centre and candidate administration systems for the ECDL programs in Ireland. On a lighter note, he's also an accomplished stand-up comedian, performing regularly in Manchester and Dublin

Entry Requirements

There is no academic requirement for entry, however you should demonstrate an interest in coding.

How to Apply

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You can contact or apply to us directly using the the "Contact Us" or "Apply Online" options at the top of the page, this will reserve your place and also give us the key details to start your application, a member of our admissions team will then contact you with further details, or alternatively you can simply "Ask us a Question" using the form below.

You can also "Book a One-to-One" with one of our course specialists who will provide you with additional guidance on your application, you can set up a meeting by:

  • Calling us at:  +353 1 8075 055 
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We also have flexible payment plans, please contact us to discuss your options or visit the college anytime and our course specialists will be more than willing to discuss any queries you may have.

We look forward to meeting you.

The college is great to study in, with passionate teachers, handy location and small class sizes
Mr Goodwin IBAT College student

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