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Diploma students welcome Felipe Lodi


Diploma networking event for its students with Felipe Lodi

The illustrious IBAT College based in Dublin recently hosted an immensely successful networking event for its diploma students. The session was reserved for the students who had recently completed their part-time professional diplomas in various subjects. The event was attended by more than 50 delegates.

The event provided a chance to the alumni to meet and interact with other former students from other courses as well as professors and lecturers. The attraction of the event was the presentation by the guest speaker Mr. Felipe Lodi, who is an expert on employee retention and employer branding. Mr. Lodi is renowned for his book titled, “Advanced LinkedIn.”

The presentation asserted that the global demand for talented, hardworking and qualified employees could be achieved with the help of brand advocacy and commission-free hiring. He also emphasised the importance of using social media platforms like LinkedIn to create a pool of employers and worthy candidates which can eliminate the need for third-party intervention in the hiring processes. He also quoted some examples from his book to prove his point.

The event also included a presentation ceremony that awarded the attendees their academic certifications.