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Computing and ICT Courses


Diploma in Visual C# Programming Course with .NET Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual C# is one of the most versatile programming languages in the world, it can be used to develop Windows client applications, Web applications, components, Windows, iOS and Android mobile applications. The Diploma in Visual C# Programming / .NET MVC 5 with Visual Studio course offers extensive hands-on experience as there are extensive programming exercises provided at the end of each module.

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Diploma in Computer Programming (Introduction to Programming)

This course is aimed at learners with little or no prior programming experience, but a desire to understand computational approaches to problem solving. Learners will learn the fundamental concepts and terminology of software development and develop skills in designing and writing computer programs.

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Diploma in Web Design

Learning to design a website requires mastering many different skills from organizing the structure of the website, making sure it is easy to use and navigate, to designing the graphics and layout of the information. This part-time web design course concentrates on the fundamentals of building a website. It starts with the basics, using HTML code to build a basic site, giving the learner a solid foundation in how a website is designed. It then moves on to using a html editor - Adobe Dreamweaver - to design a website in a more user friendly environment.

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Diploma in Mobile App Development

The course is delivered by one of Ireland's leading web and mobile developers, who also runs his own development agency based in Dublin. Learners will be provided with practical and relevant hands-on tutorials combined with modern approaches to building commercial mobile apps, including invaluable insights into the mobile app development industry .Learners will also be given the opportunity to utilise and develop these skills through appropriate practical work and be able to apply these skills and knowledge to their own development projects in the future.

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Diploma in Desktop Publishing

The Diploma in Desktop Publishing course has been specifically designed to teach learners how to use all the main Adobe Desktop Publishing Applications. The course provides students with the skills and graphic design competencies in Adobe software required for effective work practices in this sector and will bring students up to industry level standards in the area of graphics and design.

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Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security

This course provides a framework on which individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the pressing issues of cyber security can obtain the information they need to make the best decisions for the defence of their organisations. Participants of this course will learn the fundamentals of securing both clean and corrupted systems, protecting personal data, securing simple computer networks, and safe Internet usage. You will obtain an understanding of key terms and concepts in cyber law, intellectual property and cyber crimes, trademarks and domain theft.

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Advanced Diploma:

Advanced Diploma in Web Design

This part-time evening course has been specifically designed for existing Web Designers who wish to expand their knowledge of website design. The main objective of this course is to upskill existing web designers from a basic level of website design to a more advanced level.

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