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  • What is an MBA? +

    It is the most desired degree in the world, and is an essential part of any Entrepreneur's or Business leader's toolkit. It designed to give you extensive management skills such as leadership ability, strategic thinking, innovation and critical analysis.

  • Why do an MBA? +

    As a general management Programme, the MBA is good preparation for any job that requires general management competence. The Programme is of particular interest to people working in, or planning to work in finance, consultancy, manufacturing and service industries. Increasingly, some use the MBA to help them establish their own business or return to help run a family business.

  • What will I gain from an MBA +

    • New management skills and techniques to move towards increased responsibilities. You will gain strategic-thinking, critical analysis, and a 'bigger picture' understanding.
    • Better communication and team building skills.
    • Networking opportunities with candidates from other functional areas, companies, industries, regions and countries, enabling you to acquire a sharpened global vision.
  • Is an MBA for me? Who should do an MBA? +

    If you are a high-potential graduate or a senior business professional, seeking to maximize your business and personal potential, an MBA will not only help you realize your ambitions but redefine them. The MBA programme at IBAT College Dublin is aimed at graduates with a number of years of work experience and achievement. It is designed to help students become senior managers or leaders in their businesses and have the management and analytical tools to equip them to make the big picture strategic decisions in their fields. MBA applicants come from all backgrounds and it is the diversity of the talents that is often the most rewarding part of the programme.

  • How will my organization benefit? +

    Your organization will see instant results from participants who complete real-time projects on critical business issues and the managerial tools and ideas that participants can put to work right away. Other immediate benefits will be seen from participants who will acquire essential “soft” skills such as leadership, team-work, project management, negotiating and influencing.

  • I want to start my own business - will an MBA help? +

    Many entrepreneurs find themselves with the big idea, yet no idea how to make it happen! The MBA provides the ideal tool-kit for developing a new business - from high level innovation, to marketing, HR, strategic & financial planning, operations management and international sales. Moreover, an MBA gives you a ready-made list of contacts - local and international - in the form of your classmates. Newly formed Entrepreneurs now require an all-encompassing qualification that allows them high-level access to the cornerstones of running a business. An MBA enables you to contribute at a higher level within your organization, thus improving career, promotion and salary prospects. You will study tools and techniques that will help you develop and manage products, services and people that will be internationally competitive. An MBA has become an international global currency and graduates are highly sought-after by multi-nationals, consulting companies, corporate giants and investment bankers.

  • Why do the MBA at IBAT College Dublin? +

    IBAT College Dublin provides the only MBA developed for our time. The programme tackles current industry challenges head-on and covers areas that are vital to individual and organisational success - eg innovation and international business context.

  • What else does IBAT offer on its MBA? +

    • Valuable contacts with an international group of participants
    • Highly trained industry experts educated to MBA/PhD level
    • Small classes with team based learning.
    • Extensive online resources
    • High return on investment
  • What is the profile of the students? +

    The profile of our students varies depending on the study route you choose. Full-Time students have a strong international mix and have a strong academic record. Our part-time students often have significant industry experience (current average is 12 years) with a smaller international base (25%).

  • What are the lecturers like? +

    Our lecturers are carefully chosen for their strong industry links and ability to bring the classroom to life with current business issues, case-studies, live projects and guest lecturers. We demand that our lecturers are content experts in their field, and bring with them the latest thinking and innovations to ensure graduates are up to date with the market.

  • How many places are available on the programme? +

    There are 35 full-time and 35 part-time places.

  • When do the classes start? +

    The MBA has two annual intakes - September and February. Classes run over 12 weeks per semester.

  • How does the timetable work? +

    The full-time programme runs two days per week over 12 weeks (per semester). The days depend on the campus you are attending. There are evening/weekend options for part-time students.

  • How am I assessed? +

    Assessment is a combination of individual assignments, group presentations and exams - depending on the subject. You will be assessed on class participation, presentation skills, group projects and case-studies.

  • What commitment is required? +

    An MBA is a challenging programme - as befits the most prestigious business degree qualification in the world. Many find the entire experience of an MBA to be a life-changing one -from a personal as well as a career perspective. If undertaking this programme - particularly the full-time option - due consideration must be given to the extra workload demanded outside the classroom. Anything from 10-20 hours per week is required for reading and team based projects, reports and presentations.

  • Am I eligible for entry to the programme? +

    All applicants will be indiviudually considered for admission using the following criteria:

    • A minimum of a 2.2 honours degree, or an appropriate equivalent, i.e, a professional qualification from a recognised education Insitution in Ireland or abroad.
    • Appropriate period of prior experiential learning and/or relevant experience in management or business related employment fields, or a related area/discipline/subject experience. This is normally equivalent to,or comparable with at least two years relevant experiential learning. This period is not prescriptive and will be interpreted flexibly as part of consideration for entry.
    • An IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent is required for non-native English speakers with at least a 5.5 in all components.

    Applicants who do not fully staisfy the general criteria will be considered and may be admitted if they are able to demonstrate that they are capable of successfully undertaking and completing the programme at the required standard and are able to contribute to fully and benefit from the learning experiences delivered within the programme. Students who have qualifications from overseas will be subject to checks. IBAT College Dublin uses a number of comparision systems, such as NARIC and the NQAI Qualifications Recognition system, to compare and establish equivalency of international awards.

    If you are interested in completing an MBA but unsure if you meet the entry requirements, contact one of our MBA advisors for assistance.

  • I do not have a degree - what work experience is acceptable? +

    IBAT College Dublin welcomes applications from industry professionals who bring real life experience to the classroom. Sometimes the expert is not at the top of the class and our students find the experiences of others extremely beneficial in problem-solving and debating topical business issues. If you have relevant business/management experience, please talk to one of our MBA advisors about eligibility.

  • What is the application process? +

    Whether your first step is via email, phone or attendance at one of our “drop-in” events, you will be offered an initial consultation to discuss your eligibility and answer any pertinent questions. If successful at this preliminary stage, an application form will be issued along with an offer to attend interview. Upon receipt of your application (to include all academic transcripts, Matriculation form, CV and work references where applicable), the MBA admissions council will make a decision and a decision on your application will be made (subject to University of Wales approval) within 2 weeks of your interview.

  • What are the tuition fees? +

    The IBAT College MBA course fees for full -time EU students is €7,000. The tuition fees for the part-time study option is €4,000 per annum. Please note there is a limited number of places available on the course in both campus locations so early application is essential. These fees are for students based in Ireland, international fees apply for students overseas. For full details please contact the MBA admissions office.

    Please note, MBA fees are also eligible for tax relief at the standard rate http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it31.html

  • Why are your fees so competitive? +

    Traditionally MBA's carried a premium price tag making it inaccessible for most. In today's economy an MBA qualification is more important than ever before, and we are challenging traditional perceptions of the exclusivity of an MBA while ensuring quality tuition and practical application.

  • Reasons we are so competitive in this market-place +

    • Location. Temple Bar and Swords village are our campuses. Other Universities have to worry about sports, catering, parking and even dormitories.
    • Our focus is on giving you the most innovative, cutting-edge programme available with all resources allocated to our courses.
    • We have narrowed our focus exclusively to business - our marketing, facilities and HR are process-driven and streamlined, from marketing, to facilities to hr.
    • Online student resources - the majority of our student resources are available online, reducing our carbon footprint and our costs.
  • How do I make payment? +

    On successful offer of a place, a commitment deposit of €1,000 is required to secure your place. Payment can be made online, over the phone, by bank transfer or in person.

  • Can I pay in instalments? +

    IBAT College Dublin offers flexible payment options. Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.

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  • I would like to apply. What should I do? +

    To apply please complete our online application form below:

    Apply Online

    This form will give us the key details to start your application and a member of our admissions team will contact you with further details. Alternatively, please feel free to contact one of our admissions specialists for business and management courses on 01 807 5055, to register or to set up a meeting to discuss the course further. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please feel free to visit the college anytime and our course content experts will be more than willing to discuss any queries you may have. We look forward to meeting you.

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