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Why Choose the MBA


The MBA course at IBAT College Dublin is designed to both reflect and anticipate the dynamic changes that are currently challenging the business elite at the coal face to today’s fast paced every changing economy. Our curriculum evolves in line with these needs ensuring that you, as an IBAT College Dublin MBA student, are kept up to date with the latest strategies and innovations in the business world on a national and international platform.

Features of the MBA at IBAT College Dublin

  • Small class groups, which supports individual learning needs and requirements
  • Focused on your personal and professional development
  • State of the art campus with dedicated MBA debating chamber, penthouse library and extensive IT resources
  • Global perspective from learners, module leaders and industry experts
  • Engagement with high level industry representatives throughout the programme of study
  • Modules which relating to the current business environment
  • Balance of contemporary business theory and practice throughout all modules, supported by extensive online resources
  • Emphasis on career development opportunities for students

Teaching and Assessment Techniques on the IBAT College Dublin MBA 

At IBAT College Dublin we are very aware our students are professional individuals – each with their own unique industry experiences. Through our MBA curriculum design we have fostered an atmosphere where these experiences can be shared and used to enhance the learner experience. The student profile of the IBAT College Dublin MBA demands opinionated, experienced people who with the lecturers and guest speakers facilitate learning from each other in a guided manner. The MBA classroom reflects a vibrant chamber of debate. Given the complexities of the management discipline it is essential that students search for their own answers, while being challenged to consider the benefits and disadvantages of the decisions they make, or indeed, have made in the past. To support this learning style, students of the MBA are encouraged to make strong arguments both for and against unique business propositions. Through these debates students are exposed to a very high standard of learning and develop key analytical skills.

The MBA is a premier academic qualification and this demands a high level of academic ability. There is a strong requirement for self-directed learning beyond the classroom to meet the standards of the IBAT College Dublin MBA. Students often engage in study groups and can avail of the additional seminars provided such as Academic Writing and Presentation Skills.

Our lecturers have strong industry backgrounds and a network that reaches out to the elite of the business world on both a national and international level. IBAT College Dublin further builds upon this and enhances the student experience through guest lectures, bespoke career events, mentorship programmes and company sponsorships. Through your time with IBAT College Dublin you will be given the opportunity to network with outstanding business leaders and globally focused employers ensuring that you can maximise your return on investment. With a student body comprising of executives from Ireland, USA, South Africa, UK, India, Pakistan, and numerous EU countries you will gain a global network of like-minded peers which will provide real benefit in today’s competitive marketplace.

Through the duration of the programme students will be exposed to examinations, written assignments, assigned readings and presentations. It is important that students experience this blend of assessment. Importantly, there is a strong mix between individual and group assessment which brings with it additional challenges and learning opportunities.

Contemporary Context

There is an expectation that students remain aware of current business trends and expose themselves to business media in order to position themselves as best they can for their studies. Major global events, financial crashes, niche market growth and IT advances are considered by our academic team and, where possible, are seamlessly phased into the classroom discussion and even assessments.

IBAT College Dublin MBA Career Progression Opportunities

MBA graduates typically progress into positions of management across a diverse range of organisations, such as multinationals, SMEs and start-up companies. This MBA programme is designed to expose learners to the multidisciplinary nature of the business world from an international perspective and to enhance their career prospects. Learners will gain an ability to use scientific principles in conjunction with business models and expert knowledge resulting in excellent decision-making, negotiation and presentation skills.

As a graduate of the IBAT College Dublin MBA programme you will acquire a wide ranging knowledge of business theories and concepts. The academic knowledge and competence acquired by you during your studies will be complemented by a range of practical skills taught over the duration of the course. The college endeavours to provide a stimulating and intellectually demanding environment, in which you as a student are encouraged to engage with, critique and evaluate the academic literature and case studies, whilst appreciating business issues within an international context.

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