Corporate Training and Development

Corporate Training and Development

Corporate Training and Development


Why choose IBAT as your corporate training provider?

Customised training for your staff 

IBAT College Dublin has been meeting the growing need within enterprise to continually develop and upskill the Irish workforce for the past 13 years.

A recent report compiled by the Government Expert Group for Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) identified that there are skills/knowledge gaps in sales, digital marketing, business development, project management and softer skills like communications and time management.

IBAT College Dublin offers Professional Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate courses on a part-time basis to suit the learning needs of a full-time professional. We offer multiple intakes each year (Spring, Summer & Autumn).

At IBAT College Dublin we can provide you and your business customised training/education programmes to meet the specific needs of individuals and/or the wider department needs of your organisation. One-to-one or group training is a progressive way to learn, train and develop the talent within your organisation.

"Our senior staff members received excellent training from IBAT College Dublin, in the area of Strategic Business Management. Not only was the course tailored perfectly to the specific needs of Zerogrey, it was also delivered by a well-rounded lecturer who could share his own invaluable industry experiencewith our staff. Zerogrey look forward to their next corporate training with IBAT College Dublin in the near future." - Ralf Lúttgens, Zerogrey

As one of the largest specialist IT security consultancy in the country, Integrity360 secure the networks, infrastructure and information of some of the leading companies in both Ireland and the UK.

We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining a highly skilled workforce.  Cybersecurity, by is very nature,  is an ever evolving and expanding industry so ensuring that we have a training matrix in place to upskill our teams is very important.

In 2020 we engaged with Ibat College Dublin to sign up our Inside Sales Team to achieve their Diploma in Cybersecurity. The content provided on this course provided the team with a working knowledge of the core Cybersecurity Frameworks, an overview of risk management and the legal requirements aligned to GDPR.  The course was delivered online 1 night a week and the team had access to playback of lecture recordings and the Moodle student support with resource material.  The lecturer and course were a perfect match for our requirements and I am happy to advise that all our team came through with distinctions."   - Patrick McHale , Integrity 360 



The wide breadth of industries demonstrates how relevant and applicable our programmes are for all types of business. Your organisation can benefit from our wide range of programmes on offer, or we can create bespoke customised courses for your organisation's needs. Embed staff training and development into your strategy to ensure that your workforce are qualified and motivated to overcome future challenges.

Tailored corporate solutions

We offer a systematic and holistic approach to the delivery of our programmes either on campus or at your business tailored to your needs.

This involves:

  • Identification of student/individual/client profiles and specific training and development needs
  • Determination of desired learning outcomes / skills levels required
  • Course design covering module selection, delivery methods and materials (or delivery of existing 'off the shelf' programme)
  • Course delivery
  • Continuous Assessment to reduce previously identified knowledge/Skills gaps
  • Post-programme assessment of evaluation of learning outcomes
  • Re-engagement with HR/Training & development department

Who are our previous clients?

 We have trained staff from organisations including:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • PayPal
  • Gameonmedia
  • Osborne Recruitment
  • Zerogrey
  • BNP Paribus
  • Facebook
  • Bank of Ireland and many more.
IBAT continues to train staff who work in a variety of different roles with companies such as AIB, Primark, Vodafone, AXA, Irish Stock Exchange and more. 


Get your free consultation

If you would like to discuss your training options for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation:
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