Diploma in Change Management

Develop and lead change in your organisation

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Change and development are an integral feature of modern businesses. Making changes (often fundamental ones) in how business is conducted is necessary to cope with the even-changing competitive environment. 

Change management is the process of guiding organisation through this period of transition, whether the change is localised to a particular part of the organisation or changes the organisation as a whole.  Many change management projects have limited success. Therefore, it is important that all members, and especially the change leader, have the appropriate knowledge and skills to help ensure a successful transition and adapt to the inevitable challenges their change project will encounter.

Change management roles are increasingly in demand in Ireland and overseas.  From LinkedIn data, there are currently 656 job openings for change management roles.  Recent data from Indeed shows 3535 job openings for change management roles. Glassdoor has 3852 job openings for the change management role.

This Professional Diploma is ideally suited to those who are:

  • Developing and leading a change programme in their organisation.
  • Involved in change management programmes within their organisation.
  • Already working in dynamic and fast-moving organisations and industries and want to learn more about how organisations facilitate and implement change to consistently achieve their business mission.
  • Those with aspirations to work in change management roles in the future.

Salaries are competitive for these roles:

Salaries are competitive for these roles:

Course Details

In this programme you will learn how to identify the need for change management in an organisation, structure and implement a change management programme to optimise the opportunities for sustained long-term changes. 

The specific topics are as follows:

Understanding and recognising the need for change
  • Aligning with company strategy
  • Internal and external drivers
Organisational experiences of change
  • Case studies
Managing change, theory in practice
  • The Change-Curve model
  • Lewin’s change model
  • McKinsey’s 7 S model
  • Kotter’s 8 step theory
Stakeholder engagement in change management
  • Monitoring the impact of change on employees, teams and the organisation as a whole
Managing barriers
  • Structural, resourcing, equipment
Managing resistance to change
  • Emotional and behavioural reactions to change
  • The human nature factor
Embedding a culture of change in an organisation
  • Building and maintaining trust
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement
Leading a Change Management project
  • The role of the leader
  • Creating a vision for change
  • Guiding principles for leading changes
  • Key attributes of a strong change manager and leader
  • Lifecycle of a successful change project


The programme is assessed by project work, applying the tools and techniques of change management to real-life examples of change projects within the workplace.

What is a Professional Diploma?

An IBAT Professional Diploma is a focused, short duration practical course that consolidates, upskills and/or reskills learners in a professional area. They are stand-alone qualifications  that do not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Lecturer Profile

Paul Crowther
Paul Crowther/ Lecturer Diploma in Business Analysis /
Paul is an experienced business adviser and coach working for clients to manage organisational change, develop and implement strategic business plans, and improve financial management and planning, particularly in relation to working capital. He focuses on the organisation as a source of sustainable competitive advantage leading to organisational and business success. Paul has worked with clients to implement change management programs, develop strategic and financial plans, build business strategy and advise on marketing strategy and strategic choices.

Career Opportunities

Entry to this programme is based on each applicant's own merits and work experience. No prior academic qualification or professional experience in change management is required.
The roles involved in change management depend on numerous factors, including the size and type of organisation.

Possible careers within this field include:

Change Manager
The job role of the change manager is the most common in the domain, it's their job is to ensure change initiatives meet the project objectives adhering to time and budget. Also, includes employee usage and adoption. They must possess a thorough knowledge of industries implementing a change process.
  • Assessing the impact of change.
  • Supporting the communication efforts
  • Taking the lead of the change management activities
  • Applying the structured methodology to the projects.

Change Management Consultant
The role of a Change Management consultant includes acknowledging the area that requires the need for the change and how it affects the organisation's processes.

  • Leading change management projects. For instance- it includes starting a project from scratch, i.e., researching, implementing, and assessing it.
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of sales prospects and initiatives. Also, being a part of internal sales meetings.
  • Assisting colleague engagement programs to accomplish internal change management.

CAB (Change Advisory Board) Members 
A group of professionals who approve changes. Also, they assist in scheduling and assessing the changes. When choosing CAB members, it has to be ensured that both technical and business perspectives are considered.
  • They take a glance through the review record for improved accuracy and completeness.
  • They ensure to consider vendor and customer viewpoints.
  • Also, they provide inputs to the change manager for maintaining and improving the change management process.

Entry Requirements

While no prior academic qualification or professional experience is required to participate in this programme.

How to Apply

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Diploma in Change Management
Digital Credentials
A Digital Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of  a project producing an individual report on a given change management case scenario, in addition, you will also receive a Digital Badge.

What is a Digital Badge?
A micro-credential is a compact credential that verifies the achievement of a skill or knowledge gained. A Digital Badge is a visual representation of having earned a micro-credential which can be shared on various online platforms to showcase the earner’s achievement.

Why have a Digital Badge?
Your Digital Badge and Certificate can be shared on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Digital Badges can also be added to email signatures, displayed on resumes or added to recognised achievement platforms such as Badgr, Credly and OpenBadges. These are a great way to communicate your knowledge and skills, and highlight your commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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