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Why Consumer Psychology?

The Diploma provides you with insights and analysis of the key individual and group orientated factors that drive consumer consumption, addressing the question of why consumer behave as they do.  You will dissect, analyse and debate theoretical perspectives and apply them to real world contemporary examples. The Diploma specifically aims to integrate the main changes in consumption in recent times and ties together emerging trends in buyer behaviour and marketing with existing traditional perspectives. Classes are designed to be interactive with a strong emphasis placed on application.

Course Overview

On successful completion of this Diploma the learner will be able to:

1.       Analyse key consumption theories and models, with their informal and academic perspectives.

2.       Apply consumer behaviour theory to real-life cases, drawing out the underlying psychology themes at play.

3.       Evaluate various buyer behaviour perspectives within the context of marketing and the wider field of society.

4.       Describe the current trends in online consumer behaviour and activities, and their implications for society.   

5.       Evaluate individual consumer identity and wider group identity from a social psychology perspective.

Course Content

Consumers in the marketplace: An introduction to consumer behavior, a consumer society, shopping, buying and evaluating. Internal Influences on consumption, external Influences on consumption, key psychological drivers of buyer behaviour.

Sensory Marketing and Buyer Behaviour: The Five Senses, The Perceptual Process, Semiotics, Signs and Symbols.

The Role of Group Behaviour: Reference Groups Opinion Leaders, word of mouth and word of mouse and social proof.

Motivation: theories of motivation, application to buyer behaviour, the role of emotion in consumption.

Contemporary Consumer: Lifestyles, traditional consumer segmentation, lifestyle segmentation global consumer values.

Consumer Learning Processes: Classical conditioning principles, reward and punishment in contemporary buyer behaviour, the role of memory.

Consumer Perception: Product and commercials design, subliminal advertising, to understand how marketers use symbols to create meaning.

The Changing Consumer: Trend analysis, “The Wisdom of the Crowd”, crowdsourcing, online collaboration, mobile consumer behaviour.

Sustainability: Sustainable marketing and consumption, Green Marketing and its influence on the consumers buying decisions.


The programme is assessed entirely by coursework.  There is no formal exam.

What is a Professional Diploma?

An IBAT Professional Diploma is a focused, short duration practical course that consolidates, upskills and/or reskills learners in a professional area. They are stand-alone qualifications  that do not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Career Opportunities

Graduates can explore a career in psychology, specifically consumer psychology.  They can work in the consumer research end of marketing materials design, assessing what might or might not have an impact on consumers or achieve the required response from consumers.  The programme is also useful for those from a business background looking to move into the field of psychology.

Consumer Psychology is important in a number of sectors and industries, but more so in retail, luxury consumer products and in B2C businesses.

Consumer Psychology is quickly becoming an emphasis in the digital world too, as User Design (UX and UI) is important for online user journeys, reduced friction during online purchasing, and enhancing a visitors journey. 

Entry Requirements

While it is helpful to have completed the Diploma in Psychology (or equivalent) or have marketing experience, these are not an absolute requirement. You should have a strong interest in people and consumers.

How to Apply

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What is a Digital Badge?
A micro-credential is a compact credential that verifies the achievement of a skill or knowledge gained. A Digital Badge is a visual representation of having earned a micro-credential which can be shared on various online platforms to showcase the earner’s achievement.

Why have a Digital Badge?
Your Digital Badge and Certificate can be shared on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Digital Badges can also be added to email signatures, displayed on resumes or added to recognised achievement platforms such as Badgr, Credly and OpenBadges. These are a great way to communicate your knowledge and skills, and highlight your commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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