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Course Overview

Our General English course is a semi-intensive programme that allows you to balance classroom tuition with structured study and free time activities. You will improve your English language ability at a speed you feel comfortable with, while having time to enjoy your destination.

This course is available at all levels from Beginners to Advanced and you will be placed in a class which is suitable for your level. The course focuses on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You’ll also learn vocabulary and grammar, and how to speak in formal and informal discussions and strategies. 

General English Courses and Levels

  • Beginners (Below A1 on the CEFR*)
  • Elementary (A1 on the CEFR)
  • Pre-intermediate (A2 on the CEFR)
  • Intermediate (B1 on the CEFR)
  • Upper-intermediate (B2 on the CEFR)
  • Advanced (C1 on the CEFR)
  • Advanced (C2 on the CEFR)

General English classes are offered at all levels in groups of a maximum of 15 students. Timetables are flexible, so students may study in the mornings or afternoons.

IBAT offers English language tuition in two campuses (16-19 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 and 24-27 North Frederick Street, Dublin 1). The campus and level of class is decided by our English language academic team upon completion of the entrance test on a student's first day of classes.

Both campuses are fitted with state of the art learning facilities to enhance your English language journey with us. Please note that there is no option to select your campus.



Teachers use a personal approach to ensure that students develop at their own pace, while focusing on the key elements of language learning such as grammar, vocabulary, receptive, productive skills and basic practical language functions, such as:

  • Dealing with daily problems and life situations:
    • Going to the bank and opening an account
    • Asking for directions
    • Visiting a doctor/dentist and describing symptoms
  • Telephone skills
  • Letter-writing skills - cover letters, complaint letters, emails etc
  • Curriculum Vitae - structure and content

Classes also include specifically designed cultural lessons which focus on different aspects of Irish culture. Some of these lessons are also linked to trips which are taken during class-time to museums and historical areas around the city.

The morning class times are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday




Thursday Friday Breaks



15mins break
in the morning

The afternoon class times are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday




Thursday Friday Breaks



15mins break
in the afternoon

Tests and Examinations

Every week, students will be tested on what they have covered in class. These tests may be communicative or written and focus on all the skills.

Every four weeks, students will do a more complete test which is based on all the material covered in the course book and extra exercises.

Note:  All visa-required students must take the Test of Interactive English (TIE) at the end of their course of study. Other examinations (e.g. Cambridge exams – FCE and CAE) can also be arranged for students.

IBAT offers a range of TIE General English (GE) courses at all levels within a TIE exam format which focuses on three main communicative tasks:

  • a short project on a subject of interest to the student
  • a book of the student’s choice
  • a news story from a newspaper and/or TV or radio.

Results are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR):

User Level TIE

Proficient User

C1, C1+ and C2

Independent User

B1, B1+, B2 and B2+

Basic User

A1, A1+, A2 and A2+

Results are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR):

English Level Common European Framework (CEF) of Reference for Language Qualifications


C1 Effective Operational Proficiency


B2 Vantage


B1 Threshold


A2 Waystage


A1 Breakthrough


Below A1

We also offer Cambridge FCE and CAE and IELTS preparatory programmes. The English Language School provides a syllabus mapped to the CEFR and provides textbooks and supplementary materials to help students to achieve this in the classroom.

Self Study

We also encourage students to work on their own, with guidance from the teachers. There is free Wi-Fi access throughout both Dawson Street and Wellington Quay campuses and IBAT College Dublin also has a number of fully-equipped computer laboratories, as well as computer points located in the student areas.

Students may also use the library computers to access online materials. Our librarian is also happy to meet students and talk to them about the resources that are available in the library. These include access to online English-language activities and other exam-specific materials.



Choosing IBAT College Dublin English School has been one of my best decisions. I would definitely recommend it!

Escoger IBAT College English School ha sido una de mis mejores decisiones. Definitivamente lo recomiendo!
Giovanna Antillón Fabro from Mexico
The pronunciation and conversation classes not only have helped me a lot with my English but have also enabled me to get to know new people. All in all, I will not hesitate to choose IBAT College for my next course or to recommend it to my friends.

Las clases de pronunciación y conversación me ayudaron mucho, no solo a mejorar mi inglés, sino también a conocer a mucha gente y hacer nuevos amigos. Por todo lo mencionado anteriormente y por mucho más, no dudo en volver a elegir Ibat para mi próximo curso de inglés o en recomendarlo a mis amigos.
Diego Arocena from Argentina
It was a lovely experience, the building itself is very well equipped, the classes are big enough, and there's lots of extra space if you just want to chill. The recepcionists and all the staff are helpful and kind.

The teachers are also very good, and you may be exposed to a lot of different teachers with different teaching styles. Because you'll get t least two different teachers every week, and if you move levels you'll meet different teacher as well. But, that's not bad at all, it's a very good way to keep your learning and evaluation fresh and with different point of views.

So I'd definetly recommend IBAT as your school in Dublin, you'll have a great experience in Dublin if you choose this school! Cheers everybody.
Renato Arruda do Couto from Brazil
I visited so many exciting places in Ireland though the trips organized by IBAT College.

Yo conocí muchos lugares excitantes a través de estos viajes organizados pour IBAT
Alejandro Schilling from Germany

I've been living in Ireland one year and half to learn English. It was the biggest challenge in my life because when I started my English Course at IBAT College Dublin I didn't know how say "nice to meet you" properly. I've been improving my skills in this language. Now I feel a bit more comfortable to take the next step.

Marcos Rosa Press Up Hospitality Group

Teacher Profiles

International Student Applications

IBAT College Dublin welcomes applications from international students. Please contact our International Admissions team by stating your nationality, current location, name and phone number. Currently, IBAT College Dublin uses the Irish Qualification Recognition Service and the UK’s National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) to map international qualifications onto the Irish Framework.

For entry requirements, please check the individual course information pages on this site or contact a member of our Admissions Team. For applicants whose first language is not English an IELTS certificate may also be required.

  • Calling us at:  +353 1 8075 055 
  • Email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

IBAT College Dublin Trusted Agent Network

International applicants are required to use the services of an IBAT College Dublin authorised education agent. IBAT College Dublin works closely with selected agencies overseas. For a list of our trusted agents, please contact our International Admissions team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We also have dedicated offices in India and Pakistan to assist prospective students with their enquiries, applications and visa application submissions.

Apply and Book Online

You can contact or apply to us directly using the the "Book Now" option below, this will give us the key details to start your application, a member of our admissions team will then contact you with further details, or alternatively you can simply "Ask us a Question" using the form below.

You can also email or call one of our course specialists so they can provide you with additional guidance on your application

  • Calling us at:  +353 1 8075 055 
  • Email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Useful Information for International Students

Below are links to useful information and guidance for International Students.
Students Each Year
Dublin City Centre Campuses


Hear from our students about how studying in Ireland and shares their experiences at IBAT College Dublin

IBAT’s English language students discuss what it’s like to live in Dublin. Students have enjoyed their experiences in Ireland so far and they say this is largely due to the friendly locals who treat you as one of them! IBAT College is situated in the heart of the city and students believe this is the ideal place to learn and work. Watch the video to learn what else makes Ireland so great!
English Language Student, Wagner Fernandes shares his experiences at IBAT College Dublin

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Do I need a visa?
Depending on your nationality you may be required to apply for a visa to study in Ireland.

For full and complete information on visa requirements please follow this link:
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How do I contact support staff in IBAT, are there different contact numbers and emails?


  • IT support for online classes:
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  • English Language support for online classes:
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  • IT support for on-campus classes:
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  • Confidential counselling service for students:
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  • Confidential number:
    +353 1 2461 557


    • For students seeking reasonable accommodation:
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    • You can also open a ticket through Once you have completed the required fields and explained your issue, a member of the Academic team will assist you.
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Can I change the Campus?
Can I change my level or my class and how do I request the change?
How can I change my class timetable?
How can I check my attendance? Is it important?
Do I have to take an official English examination such as Cambridge, IELTS or TIE?
How do I request a refund for a Cambridge, IELTS, TIE exam?
How can I print something at the school?
Will I be able to access class notes and other materials online?
How can I check my course end date?
I am finishing my course this week, where do I get my certificate?
I am a Non-EU student, finishing my course shortly, and I need to go to the INIS/GNIB with a course finish letter to extend my visa. What do I need to do?
How can I make a complaint about my teacher, my course, or my classmate?

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