Full Stack Development Diploma

Expand your knowledge and upskill with the latest coding tools and techniques

16 weeks, one evening per week,
Start Date:
30th May (Online)
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Online: €1344
On-Campus: €1728

This Course is starting in May 2024

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Why Full Stack Development

Expand your knowledge of software development and upskill to the latest techniques in JavaScript, JavaScript frameworks, Angular, C#, .net core framework and cloud deployments. 

This course will

  • Extend your existing skills as a coder or web developer to a more advanced level.
  • Improve your skills in Client-Side JavaScript Programming, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Use Microsoft Blazor, C# and .MAUI to build rich mobile applications.
  • Work with databases to power the content.
  • Microsoft Azure to deploy applications.

Course Content

On completion of the course graduates will be able to develop 'full-stack' web and mobile applications - building web front ends using modern javascript frameworks such as Angular, interacting with backend apis which they will develop using C# and using modern Microsoft Blazor to build full-stack with C# and .MAUI to build rich mobile applications using the .net core framework. Along the way they will be introduction to the fundamentals of javascript - the backbone of all front end development - and working with database that power the content behind web apis. Students can avail of the free services on Microsoft Azure to deploy their applications.

On completion of the Full Stack Development Diploma graduates will be able to:

  • Week 1: JavaScript: variables, arrays, data types
  • Week 2: JavaScript: loops, working with objects
  • Week 3: JavaScript: interacting with elements on screen
  • Week 4: JavaScript: Working with Jquery
  • Week 5: JavaScript: Working with local storage
  • Week 6: JavaScript: Working with APIs (Part 1)
  • Week 7: JavaScript: Working with APIs (Part 2)
  • Week 8: Working with Angular (Part 1)
  • Week 9: Working with Angular (Part 2)
  • Week 10: Working with Angular (Part 3)
  • Week 11: Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio and C# programming and MVC
  • Week 12: Working with .net core and C# apis
  • Week 13: Working with SQL databases and C#
  • Week 14: Introduction to Blazor (C# full stack framework)
  • Week 15: Introduction to Microsoft Authorisation and Identity Management
  • Week 16: Putting it all together
There are regular in-class review exercises over the term, with the last class being used as a wrap-up and review, looking at future technology trends and how you can further develop in the field.


  • On successful completion of this course, you will be awarded an IBAT College Dublin Full Stack Development Diploma  (full attendance required).
  • Dynamic asssessment is conducted weekly based on exercises relevant to each topic. 

What is a Professional Diploma?

An IBAT Professional Diploma is a focused, short duration practical course that consolidates, upskills and/or reskills learners in a professional area. They are stand-alone qualifications  that do not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Lecturer Profile

John Rowley
John Rowley/ Lecturer Front End Web Development /
John Rowley's career spans web development (LAMP), Web Manager and Corporate spokesman (Ryanair), 11 years in software management and development (Symantec, Corel), technical training (PHP, MySQL, Perl, XML, C#, CSS Javascript), technical writing (C++, Java), documentation management and news journalism. He was the first PHP developer in Ireland to achieve Zend PHP Certification and the first technical writer in Ireland to document C++ compiler and application frameworks. He has worked as a consultant / developer for Irish Rail, Suzuki, Nestle, and Eli Lilly. He currently works as a .NET information architect for the ECDL foundation where he develops the centre and candidate administration systems for the ECDL programs in Ireland. On a lighter note, he's also an accomplished stand-up comedian, performing regularly in Manchester and Dublin

Career Opportunities

On completion of the course graduates will be able to develop 'full-stack' web and mobile applications - building web front ends using modern javascript frameworks such as Angular, interacting with backend apis which they will develop using C# and using modern Microsoft Blazor to build full-stack with C# and .MAUI to build rich mobile applications using the .net core framework.

After gaining an IBAT Full Stack Development Diploma, students will be able to apply for more senior positions as coders and web developers. The advanced skills will allow students to work on more advanced coding projects which ill open up many new opportunities.

Web application development is one of the eighth most in-demand skills in Ireland in 2023, according to Grabjobs.

Developers account for over 21% of all technology positions in the Ireland, and demand far outnumbers supply! A developer's average income is €55,000. Coding and Web Developer salaries are highest in Europe, but demand is widespread throughout the World.


This course taught the skills and techniques needed in a web designer/developer today. It got me up to speed with some of the latest technologies and has given me the confidence to go for a new job in this area.
David Monahan Front End Development Graduate
This course exceeded my expectations. It helped me to boost my skills significantly. I especially appreciate the practical approach that John Rowley uses in his lessons. It was a positive and productive experience.
Abel Manso Front End Development Graduate
I found the course really good, we covered everything which needed to be covered and I am now much more confident in my ablilities. Having John as my tutor really was a blessing as he was so helpful and still is! I would definitely recommend the course to all my friends and co workers.
Keith Davis Front End Development Graduate

I chose IBAT as not many colleges run advaced web design courses and the curriculum looked interesting.  The lecturer was excellent - high energy and very knowledgeable. The content was great and will help me in my work.

The college is excellent - very helpful and well run. I would recommend highly.

Anne I Front End Web Development Graduate

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have basic web experience in HTML, CSS or have completed the Web Design Diploma at IBAT or equivalent. 

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