Predictive Data Analysis - Changing the course of your life

Not only is this field growing fast, but the knowledge coming from it can be extremely useful when it comes to decision making and future forecasts on stock market fluctuations and loan defaults. If you are passionate about data analytics and you want to learn more about techniques that can increase business performance, then IBAT College Dublin is the right place for you to study.rtners.

Evolution of human resource management - The past and the future

Whenever you start a new job, even before you get to meet your new colleagues and perform the tasks you are required to do, the first part of the business you are usually introduced to is HR. The HR department is arguably one of the most important parts of a business, as it is responsible for recruiting, interviewing and placing prospective employees, as well as coordinating all the administrative functions of an organisation. 

Why should you learn to code? Reasons to study programming

Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter - these are just some of the popular apps that owe their existence to computer programming. So if you dream about making your own app, taking up a course in computer programming is a great place to start. But before that, you should know what computer programming actually is and why you should study it.

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