What are the benefits of studying Full time BA for international students in Ireland?

What are the benefits of studying Full time BA for international students in Ireland?

What are the benefits of studying Full time BA for international students in Ireland?

Ireland is a great place to consider for higher education, the reason being that it is among the richest countries in the world. Additionally, it is also often termed ‘the knowledge economy’ with sectors such as high tech and life sciences thriving in the country. 

As per the International Student Barometer Survey 2012, 85% of students consider Ireland highly conducive for studying due to the interesting student mix which comprises largely of foreign students. 

This hub of creative writers and independent thinkers is a great place to study a full-time BA in Business. Earning a bachelor’s degree in Ireland can be a gateway for tremendous growth and help you land a good job. 

Considering that the country has a wonderful mix of creative talent and business opportunities, foreign students in Ireland can experience excellent learning here that can help them to kickstart their careers. 

Importance of studying a BA in Business

The education sector is a vast place with countless degrees and diplomas. However, a BA in Business has long been considered a great platform from which to launch your career. 

Modern business operations in Ireland and around the world are tricky to navigate. Hence, building an in-depth understanding of business is crucial if you’re considering a career in this field. 

While there are many courses in Ireland for international students, you cannot build up your knowledge or be decisive about future professional goals unless you understand the finer details of the business world. Only then can you build the subsequent skills and expertise needed for a successful career. 

Studying in Ireland 

Not only is Ireland known for its vibrant culture and amicable environment, but it also provides top-notch education through state-of-the-art equipment. Additionally, the country has a unique mix of technology as well as a reputation for academic excellence which can have a wonderful impact on the future of students.  


Also, considering that Dublin is known as the European headquarter for technological innovation, many companies and some of the world’s biggest multinationals have set up their offices here meaning you’ll never be short of excellent work roles if you study in Ireland. Having access to good education is one thing but having opportunities at your doorstep after completing a programme is another. As a student, you can also find internships with big names such as Google, Oracle, PayPal, eBay, AOL, Élan Corporation and more. 

Furthermore, Ireland has several start-ups and medium-sized enterprises that are on the lookout for fresh and unique talent. International students in Ireland can make use of their BA in Business degree to join this growing number of young entrepreneurs and put their acquired skills to good use. 

Perks of a BA in Business

A full-time BA in Business is a wholesome degree that makes you sufficiently well-equipped with key disciplines such as management and strategy, marketing, finance and more. Some of the advantages international students can enjoy with a bachelor’s degree are: 


  1. Better opportunities – Entering the corporate world is not easy and even famous names like Google CEO Sundar Pichai and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty had to take formal education before making it big. A BA is a great way to get a complete view of the business world and its various verticals. The skills and knowledge gained can be your way of finding better and more meaningful opportunities that truly enhance your career. 


  1. Gain leadership skills - Being a leader is essential in the business world if you are keen to progress. In managerial roles, as well as executive positions, you will be required to step up and lead. A bachelor degree not only gives you fundamental knowledge of the sector but also brings out your inner leader.


  1. Be a pioneer - Progress in business is not just about hard work but is also about being in the right place and having the right expertise. With a growing GDP of 4.8%, Ireland has a fast-growing economy where students get an early taste of the workforce due to non-EEA students being allowed to work 20 hours during term time and 40 hours during vacations. Industries such as manufacturing, business and technology are thriving in Ireland meaning you can easily be a part of this growth. 


A bachelor in business is a great way to step into the industry and can help give direction to your career. The full-time Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business offered by IBAT College can help you find the right professional footing for success. Check out the link to book your place today! 


This article is written by Nandita Kaushal.