Why should you learn to code? Reasons to study programming

Why should you opt for a Course in Computer Programming?

Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter - these are just some of the popular apps that owe their existence to computer programming. So if you dream about making your own app, taking up a course in computer programming is a great place to start. But before that, you should know what computer programming actually is and why you should study it.

Introduction to computer programming

Computer programming refers to the process of writing maintainable, useful and flexible source code that can be compiled by computing systems to carry out tasks. Computer programming can be carried out using a variety of languages, which range from high-level languages (JAVA and C) to creating low-level machine code (code that controls the hardware of a computer) to microcode (code that controls the electronics of a computer). There are several steps involved in the computer programming process, let’s take a look at them:
  1. Outline the problem: The first step in this process involves carefully analysing the problem at hand. This helps the programmers in performing the following:
    • Choosing the facts and figures that are critical for creating the programme;
    • Ascertaining how the programme would be designed;
    • Deciding the coding language that is to be used;
    • Calculating the expected output;
  2. Create an algorithm for the programme: An algorithm is an arrangement of steps that are required to be carried out before a programme can be designed. This algorithm is created in such a way that it also helps in providing visual alternatives for the programme, if required.
  3. Writing the programme: Once the algorithm is created, the next step in the process is to write the programme, which is also known as coding.
  4. Testing the programme: After the programme or the code is created, it is tested to find out if there are any errors present in it. This is known as text execution;
  5. Debugging: Debugging is defined as the process of identifying, tracing and fixing the bugs or errors present in a programme.
  6. Documenting the programme: This process is ongoing in nature and is actually carried out throughout the computer programming cycle. It is a comprehensive description of the entire programming cycle and key facts about the created programme. Documentation materials usually include the origin of the problem at hand, information about the algorithm, an explanation of the designed programme and the testing results.

Reasons to learn computer programming

  • You can design anything you want: Taking up computer programming gives you the freedom to create whatever you want to. Imagine implementing an idea that you had thought of, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? There may times you have an amazing idea, but do not have anyone to bring it to life, hence, learning computer programming is the best option. Taking the example of Mark Zuckerberg, do you think Facebook would be where it is now if Zuckerberg did not know how to code and actually had someone do it for him, the answer is a resounding no. Simply because, the hired programmer would not have put everything into designing Facebook unlike what Zuckerberg did.
  • Problem-solving ability: The problem-solving ability offered by computer programming is superior in nature. In fact, it can be used to solve so many problems that people face, that’s how apps like Uber, Fitness Pal, WhatsApp and Spotify came into existence.
  • No dearth of job prospects: Ireland is often hailed as the software centre of Europe as it is the home to about 900 software companies that generate an estimate of €16 billion annual exports. With such a large number of software companies present, it would be easy for you to find a job after completing a computer programming course.
  • Opportunities to make good money: You will only be able to earn high salaries in this field if you are able to solve other people’s problems. Since one of the main objectives of basic programming is to solve problems, it should be no surprise to see people working in this field being paid very well. From the perspective of entrepreneurs, you are the missing piece that could bring their excellent idea to life. According to PayScale, the average annual entry-level salary earned by a Software Developer is €36,000.

Syllabus of basic computer programming courses

  • Introduction to Programming and Java;
  • Using NetBeans IDE to develop, run and build source code;
  • Primitive Data Types;
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming;
  • Using Java Constructs;
  • Java Looping Structures;
  • GUI Programming;
  • Java SE7 Certification overview.
If you also want to have a job that is always in demand and provides job security, you should think about becoming a Software Developer. If you do decide to pursue this career path, you should think about opting for the Diploma in Computer Programming and Java, offered by IBAT College, Dublin.
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