How to Open a Student Bank Account with Money Jar

In Only 10 minutes


Moving to another country can be stressful and getting a bank account can add to this stress, we hope below will provide help.

IBAT College Dublin are delighted to partner with MoneyJar, a 100% Irish owned FinTech company that makes it simple to open a bank account.

What is Money Jar

A Money Jar account provides an Irish IBAN (International Bank Account Number), a physical bank card "Mastercard", and it's mobile app supports both Apple and Google pay. International students can open an account with Money Jar and obtain an Irish IBAN straight away, and unlike Revolut, Money Jar is available to international students from all countries.

Having an Irish IBAN means you are ready to work as its compatible with all payroll systems, bank to bank transfers, direct debits and much more.

Cash can be lodged at PayZONE locations throughout Ireland.

And the first 6 months are FREE.

The steps to setup a Money Jar account are shown below:

Opening up a money jar Account requires students to have an Irish address; this address can be a permanent or temporary address, it can also be a friend or relative, it can be a host family or even Hotel / B&B, but it must be an Irish address.
Please note; if you request a bank card it will be sent to this address.

1. Download and Install the Money Jar App
  • Download the Money Jar app and install on you phone.
  • Open the MoneyJar App and click the "Sign Up" button.
Play Store    Apple Store
2. Sign-up via IBAT College
  • You will need to select IBAT College from the "select your employer or college" search box, do this simply start typing ibat college until its found and listed, once found, click the "Continue" button".
3. Sign Up Details

As part of "Sign up" process, the following information will be required:
  • Please enter your personal details
  • Please enter your Irish address
    (This must be Irish address; this address can be a permanent or temporary address, it can also be a friend or relative, it can be a host family or even Hotel / B&B, but it must be an Irish address.  You will  also need to enter a Eircode "Postcode" with the address, you can find the Eircode by searching the address using the Eircode finder website:
    (if you have request a bank card, it will be sent to this address, so it's important that you are still staying at that address for a minimum of two weeks following the setup of your Money Jar account)
  • For enhanced security, please enter a personal pin number.
  • Please enter your mobile number
    (when you enter your mobile number, you can use a non-Irish mobile number, but you must be able to receive an SMS with a 6 digit verification code, this will be sent to the mobile number entered)
  • Please accept the Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions.
  • Once completed, click the "Continue" button".

4. Verification process

Students will need to go through a ID verification process; all the instructions are provided in the App; you will be required to:
  • Take a selfie with your face clearly aligned and visible in the guide frame provided.
  • Upload an ID document, this can be a photo of your Passport or National/GNIB ID Card, each ID needs to cover the 4 corners within the guide frame provided.
  • Once completed, click the "Continue" button".

5. That’s it, all done 

More Information about Money Jar.

Also please be advised; that IBAT College is not responsible for this service, all queries need to be directed to Money Jar.

If you have any questions, we invite you to visit the FAQ section on Money Jar’s official website.

Short Onboarding Money Jar Video:

The first 6 months are free, after which there is a monthly charge of €2.99. 

There a to the fees section of Money Jar: