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Terms & Conditions

IBAT Financial Terms & Conditions

Payments and Early Registration Discount Scheme – Full Time Courses Only

  1. All course fees must be paid within 10 days before the course date commences stated on the IBAT College website.
  2. A student who fails to pay the outstanding balance owed by the course commencement date stated on the website:

a. forfeits the initial discount offered under the Early Registration Discount Scheme

b. is liable to pay the full price stated for the relevant course

Instalment/Direct Debit Plans – Available for all courses exceeding €1,800

  1. The two options available are Direct Debit (DD) payment plan or an Instalment payment plan. Both payment plans are conditional unpon receipt of 50% of full course fees(including deposit) by the course commencement date as stated on the IBAT college website.
  2. The balance of the course fee applies to the Instalment/DD Plan. All instalment/DD plans agreed must be signed and dated and returned to our City Centre Campus. Any student taking a Direct Debit plan must also return the original Bank Mandate signed.
  3. A Fee of €150.00 is applicable to all Instalment/DD Plans that commence or continue after the start date of the course.
  4. The Instalment/DD Plan is only valid when the Payment Plan, and where applicable, the Bank Mandate have been signed and returned to the City Centre Campus.
  5. All payments agreed as part of the Instalment/DD Plan must be paid in full and on time as per the agreed terms as stated in the Payment Plan regardless of deferrals and withdrawals.
  6. Should a student commence a course and subsequently withdraw from the course at any stage of the academic year they will still be liable for the full fees as outlined in the Instalment/Direct Debit agreement.
  7. A student who defaults on a payment of the agreed Instalment/DD Plan will be issued with written notification of their failed payment and a late payment charge will be applied to the account.
  8. A student who fails to pay two instalments:

a. forfeits their right to take part in the Instalment Plan.

b. will receive written notification of their two failed payments.

c. will be required to pay the full outstanding balance within 15 workings days.

Payment Terms

  1. Deposits are not accepted for courses with a monetary value of €700 or less.
  2. A deposit is required for courses with a monetary value greater than €701.
  3. For part-time courses with a monetary value exceeding €1800, an Instalment/DD plan is available.
  4. All course fees must be fully paid in the 30 days before the initial course start date.
  5. Course Cancellation: IBAT College requires any student wishing to cancel their course to provide written notification of this cancellation. Please note that cancellations will incur charges as follows: cancellations 1-14 days prior to the course start date 100% of the course fees will be charged; 15-28 days prior to course start date 50% of course fees will be charged; cancellations greater than 29 days will be refunded in full. In these circumstances, a student will receive a full refund minus an administration fee of up to €300. A student who fails to provide this notification at least 10 days prior to the deadline payment date, forfeits the initial discount offered under the Early Registration Discount Scheme.
  6. The course fees are non –refundable once a course has commenced and the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable once payment has been issued
  7. A student who fails to adhere to their payment agreement will receive written, e-mail and text message communication from the college. Access to student facilities including Moodle will be withdrawn. If fees remain outstanding results will be withheld and a student’s place in the college may be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances.
  8. Please note we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Deferral Fees

  1. There is a deferral fee of €500 per module, per semester (or €2000 for a full-time student who wishes to defer a full semester).
  2. Students may defer their dissertation once. The fee for deferring a dissertation is €1000.

International Students and Agents

  1. Once a student has received their letter of enrolment from IBAT College and has successfully obtained their student visa, students are not eligible for a refund.
  2. IBAT expect students and agents to provide full paperwork needed to secure a visa. If visa is refused we expect students and agents to go through the visa appeal process.
  3. Students who have their visa/visa appeal rejected, an application for a refund may be made. Evidence of the rejection is required with an application for a refund.
  4. Students with exceptional circumstances may be able to apply for a refund before the visa application is approved/rejected, subject to satisfactory evidence.
  5. Deferrals can only be approved if the fees are paid in full and can only be deferred within one academic year
  6. Should a student defer and subsequently not take up their place on the course, fees are non-refundable
  7. Once the course has commenced fees are non-refundable.
  8. Where a visa is required to be renewed during an IBAT Programme of study, it is the responsibility of the Student to confirm with the relevant authorities that the renewal application will be approved.
  9. Accommodation fees are non refundable (except in the case of visa refusal) and students will be liable for full fee payment as per accommodation request details on accommodation booking form.  

IBAT College General Financial Conditions

  1. All deposits received are for the sole purposes of securing a course placement.
  2. Methods of payment accepted by the College are as follows Credit Card / Laser Card / Cash / Bank Draft / Cheque / Bank Transfer/ Direct Debit / IBAT Store (please visit www.ibat.ie for more info).
  3. A deposit is strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable between courses. In circumstances when a scheduled programme does not run, the student will be offered a deferral. If the student does not avail of this deferral, a refund will refund be offered.
  4. IBAT College reserves the right to charge a late payment fee on overdue accounts.
  5. IBAT College reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time for non-payment of fees or other amounts due.
  6. Employers: The employer is fully responsible for payments of amounts due in all circumstances including termination of employment or course cancellation by the student. The employer is responsible for completing an Employer Sponsorship Form; this is a binding contract where the employer is liable for full payment within 30 days of signing the agreement. Failure to do so will result in additional charges being applied.
  7. Deferral: where the full amount for the relevant course has been paid, a course placement may be deferred for one sitting only provided IBAT College has received written notification at least 10 working days prior to the commencement date of the course. No refunds will be made and all funds will be carried forward accordingly. It may be necessary to purchase new course materials upon commencement of deferred study – these are not included in amounts previously paid to the college, but will be invoiced separately.
  8. Discounts: IBAT College reserves the right to alter details and regulations in relation to the discount offered on any course.
  9. Any discounts applicable to a course for a specific category of applicant must be asked for at the time of booking. Discounts will not be applied retrospectively.
  10. Where dishonoured cheques and Direct Debits are provided as payment, IBAT College reserves the right to apply an administrative fee to compensate for any charges incurred.
  11. Where study materials have been supplied to the student, refunds are not available for any amounts paid.
  12. Course fees are quoted for the bi-yearly intakes only. Course fees for future intakes are subject to price reviews.
  13. Course prices are subject to change and IBAT College reserves the right to charge additional amounts to reflect any pricing changes taking effect before course commencement date(s).
  14. Exam fees for Internally Assessed Examinations and Computer Based Exams are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
  15. Course commencement is dependent on student demand and course fees will not be refunded once a course has commenced.

All Terms & Conditions stated above are governed by Irish Law.

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