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IBAT continues to train staff who work in a variety of different roles with companies such as AIB, Primark, Vodafone, Central Bank of Ireland, AXA, Irish Stock Exchange and more

Shape the Digital Future

Coders, Web Developers, UX/UI Designers and Desktop Publishers are ideally placed to take advantage of current skills shortages in the job market as they are essential for the creation and maintenance of websites, databases, web applications, games and digital content. It looks highly likely that graduates at all levels will be in strong demand well into the foreseeable future.

IBAT College offer a range of courses for people with all levels of experience from introductory through to advanced. You will also benefit from live sessions with our expert instructors teaching online in real-time, or face-to-face and in the classroom with you, so they will always engage with you directly, offering maximum flexibility with your time and how you learn.


Diploma in Computer Programming with Java
The Diploma in Computer Programming using Java will teach you the fundamental concepts of coding, you will be introduced to basic coding exercises and practice using Java, then move to more advanced exercises using OOPS concepts Inheritance andPolymorphism; this course will serves as a pathway to preparing for the Java SE Foundations exam by Oracle.

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Diploma in Web Design

The Diploma in Web Design teaches you the process of planning and techniques of building a modern responsive website using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap; including elements such as multi-column web pages with fonts, images, illustrations, colour gradients, animation effects for visually attractive webpages; this course also will show how to deploy websites to web hosting services, and track user visits and interactions.

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Diploma in Front End Web Development

The Diploma in Front End Web Development is an intensive, hands-on course, it uses a combination of CSS3, HTML3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and other frameworks such as JQuery/Angular/React/NodeJS to build interactive "front end" websites. This course will also teach you how to develop responsive websites which support the latest devices and are capable of being deployed as mobile applications on iOS and Android.

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Data Analytics using Python
Python has become one of the most useful and widely used programming languages. It's also popular because it an easier language to learn and has many features that allow you to write complex tasks very simply. The Diploma Data Analytics Using Python will teach you how to carry out, report and demonstrate sophisticated and complex data analysis and much more.

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Diploma in User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI) Design
The Diploma in User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI) Design will teach you how to identify and match users’ needs with business and usability goals and apply conceptual and practical knowledge to solve real-world problems in interface design, from human cognition and behaviour patterns to practical tools and techniques to improve user experience.

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Diploma in Desktop Publishing

The Diploma in Desktop Publishing will teach you the essential techniques professional desktop publishers and graphic designers use for print and digital media such as brochures and books, designing logos, creating pdf documents, which are a vital part of any company’s communications and marketing strategy; the course also covers the fundamentals of the Adobe platforms essential for the desktop industry and people in marketing and communications roles.

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Key Facts


Both live online and face to face classes

Study mode:



Aug / Sept / Oct


11 weeks, one evening per week (6.30pm-9.30pm)


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Meet Our Tutors

Brian Rodgers, Lecturer on the Diploma in Computer Programming with Java

Brian is a Software Developer and Software Development trainer with over 20 years’ experience with extensive knowledge over a large portfolio of software develop platforms and tools including: Java / .Net (C# and VB.Net) / C / C++ and many more.

John Rowley, Lecturer on the Diploma in Front End Web Development

John Rowley's career spans web development (LAMP), working as a Web Manager and Corporate Spokesman (Ryanair), 11 years in software management and development (Symantec, Corel), technical training (PHP, MySQL, Perl, XML, C#, CSS Javascript), technical writing (C++, Java), documentation management and news journalism. On a lighter note, he's also an accomplished stand-up comedian, performing regularly in Manchester and Dublin.

Brendan Munnelly, Lecturer on the Diploma in Web Design

Brendan Munnelly has designed and developed high-performing websites that serve three million page views annually and typically rank 96%+ for user experience on Google PageSpeed Insights. His educational IT books have sold over 100,000 copies in five languages and earned multiple five-star Amazon reviews from trainers and students alike.

Morgan McKnight, Lecturer on the Diploma in Data Analytics using Python

Morgan currently teaches on several programming courses in both DCU and IBAT College which include a number of development languages such as JavaScript, PHP and Python.

Anthony O'Flynn, Lecturer on the Diploma in Desktop Publishing

Anthony has extensive teaching experience specialising in graphic design. He also works freelance and has been involved in various television projects for RTÉ, independent production companies and advertising agencies. Anthony has also worked on projects with many private clients including New Ireland Assurance, IBEC and Bacardi, including editing and designing of opening and incidental graphics, working with composers and commissioning music for sequences, typographic design and animation.


Zhivko Stankov
This course gave me brand new skills in Java, in a relatively short space of time. It also opened up new doors to learning other programming languages and website development.
Zhivko Stankov Diploma in Computer Programming Graduate
Jean Silva
This course was a great introduction to the IT industry and the practical was well incorporated into the theory. As a beginner I was able to see the huge potential in this field of work.
Jean Silva Diploma in Computer Programming Graduate
James Rooney
Programming is what I want to do in the future and I feel this helped me greatly.  The small size group in the class makes it easy to get help from the Lecturer if needed.
James Rooney Diploma in Computer Programming Graduate
David Monahan
This course taught the skills and techniques needed in a web designer/developer today. It got me up to speed with some of the latest technologies and has given me the confidence to go for a new job in this area
David Monahan Diploma in Front End Web Development Graduate
Abel Manso
This course exceeded my expectations. It helped me to boost my skills significantly. I especially appreciate the practical approach that John Rowley uses in his lessons. It was a positive and productive experience.
Abel Manso Diploma in Front End Web Development Graduate
Keith Davis
I found the course really good, we covered everything which needed to be covered and I am now much more confident in my ablilities. Having John as my tutor really was a blessing as he was so helpful and still is! I would definitely recommend the course to all my friends and co workers.
Keith Davis Diploma in Front End Web Development Graduate
Jack Quinn
I feel I have gained a useful, applicable skill even with this introductory course. I now apply these skills to my job as a Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager; I take with me a deeper understanding of SEO, website design and functionality. Even if becoming a web designer isn't your endgame, seeing The Internet from the inside out gives you a unique perspective and an edge over the competition.
Jack Quinn Diploma in Web Design Graduate
Ivan Lukenda
Overall experience is 10/10. From being a total 'newbie' for web development I can now design web pages that look professional and sophisticated. I feel much more confident now with all the skills I've gained. The course was thoroughly explained and what I liked the most our tutor was dedicated to explaining everything to everyone, even individually if there was something complicated to understand.
Ivan Lukenda Diploma in Web Design Graduate
Rita Brereton
The tutor was very helpful throughout the course in helping me learn. Looking forward to expanding my portfolio of web projects in the future!
Rita Brereton Diploma in Web Design Graduate
Michailas Abrosimova
Classes were very interesting to attend. Tutor was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Michailas Abrosimova Diploma in Web Design Graduate
Stephen Paterson
This course has given me so much knowledge of the Adobe applications, especially Illustrator. I had used Photoshop before from a photography point of view so was familiar with the tools. I've gained enough knowledge and experience from this course to allow me set up my own online business. I plan on developing my skills further by completing the web design course next and who knows after that.
I found the tutors style of teaching very easy to follow and his knowledge was very extensive. I would highly recommend IBAT College as a place to learn and develop your skills.
Stephen Paterson Diploma in Desktop Publishing Graduate
Kirsten McGarr
I had previous knowledge of Photoshop before the course, but what I was most surprised by was when I just fell in love with InDesign, and because of this course I am now thinking of a career in publishing. The Desktop Publishing course has not only given me the qualifications to move forward with my career but also the confidence. Since finishing the course I have gone on to get more work on freelance basis than I would have gotten before the course. I would highly recommend not only the Desktop Publishing course but IBAT College itself for providing such a useful and relevant course offering.
Kirsten McGarr Diploma in Desktop Publishing Graduate
Niall Murray
This course was delivered to the highest standard.  The instuctor was excellent and delivered a great deal of information in ten weeks.  I learned a great deal not only about the software itself but also about graphic design in general.  It has given me the confidence to produce professional looking documents at work and also confidence in choosing the correct layout and design.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in graphic design and wants to be able to produce modern and professional documents.
Niall Murray Diploma in Desktop Publishing Graduate
I really enjoyed the course and I found Anthony Flynn to be a very good lecturer. He was very patient and provided a lot of constructive criticism.  
I had never used the adobe suite before and I now have a much better understanding of adobe photo shop, indesign and illustrator. It's very practical for my job and I will use it a lot going forward.
I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.
Mandy Diploma in Desktop Publishing Graduate

Online and face-to-face study options

You can attend tutorials online or in person, offering maximum flexibility with your time and how you learn.

Online Study Benefits

  • No geographic restrictions. Study wherever you are in the world
  • Lower fees and reduced costs on accommodation, transport etc
  • Flexible schedule and self-paced learning
  • Ideal for working professionals
  • Opportunity to interact with learners across the globe
  • Live sessions with mentors to address any student questions or queries
  • Access to all recorded sessions


Expert Staff

IBAT is committed to providing students with high-quality education and an excellent study experience. To achieve this, IBAT’s programmes are taught by industry-experts and in small class sizes to ensure each student can ask questions and flourish academically.
Excellent Location

Our Dublin campus is based in the city centre, in Temple Bar. Dublin is a city full of culture, with an abundance of live music and many fascinating historical landmarks to visit.
Global Connections

Since 2016, IBAT has been part of the Global University Systems group. This has allowed the college access to an international audience in more than 60 countries. IBAT has also been able to extend the programmes it offers by working with GUS partners.
Student Experience

Our students have access to our state-of-the-art campus which is purpose built. IBAT also offers an extensive amount of student support to ensure you reach your goals.