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Are you interested in a career in finance or accounting? Getting qualified in either of these fields will open the door to many lucrative careers in varying industries. Choose from any of IBAT’s online diplomas to learn from the best in the business and see what exciting opportunities await you!

For any organisation, no matter what the size or level, it is crucial to keep a watchful eye on your finances to ensure that budget spending is kept under control and financial reports are up to date. As such, professionals in this area who have the knowledge and skills to oversee the numbers of your accounts are always needed, making finance and accounting a safe career path to pursue.

Bookkeeping and payroll lie at the heart of any company. Professionals in this area are responsible for calculating, tracking and recording the financial transactions and financial records for companies. Their role also entails working in a team to effectively deliver project numbers as well as employee salaries, wages and payslips on time. Students will also have the option to progress onto the advanced online diploma which teaches students a range of accounting procedures using the most popular bookkeeping and payroll software package, Sage.

Alternatively, the online Diploma in FinTech is aimed at those looking to gain a fundamental understanding of financial technology and the many opportunities it presents for companies around the world. This short, professional course will allow you to see the financial sector is changing from traditional banking keeping you one step ahead in the job market.

Whether you are seeking a career in banking, financial advising, accounting or any other related field, studying online with IBAT will ensure you thrive in today’s business world.

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