Disability Service

Reasonable Accommodation

Disability Service / Reasonable Accommodation

IBAT College Dublin is committed to a policy of reasonable accommodation to meet individual needs and enable full access and participation for all learners with specific needs or where exceptional mitigating circumstances temporarily prevent them participating in the academic and/or assessment process.

At application stage we request students with disabilities to disclose information on their disability/specific learning difficulty so we can work with the student in ensuring that any reasonable accommodation required is identified and facilitated in conjunction with the student. Reasonable Accommodation can also be sought if your circumstances changes during your studies with us. Please refer to the College Reasonable Accommodation policy, section 8.8 in the College Quality Assurance Handbook.

Any documentation or information presented in disclosing a disability is held by the Office of the Registrar and is not disclosed without your consent. 

The choice to disclose is entirely up to you, however, if you do not make the Office of the Registrar aware of your disability, we will be unable to provide you with the support you need.