Psychology and Addiction Skills

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Did you know that a fundamental understanding of human psychology is now a sought-after professional asset by employers in a vast range of industries?

The fascinating subject area delves into understanding the human mind and looking at why humans behave in certain ways. Studying psychology and its related field will enable you to develop personally and professionally as you build in-demand, soft skills such as effective communication, negotiating and problem-solving skills.

This specialist knowledge can prove beneficial for any career path, not just psychology. For instance, understanding consumer behaviour is ideal for a career in marketing whilst knowing what motivates attitudes at work is essential for human resource management.

IBAT’s online Diploma in Consumer Psychology is ideal for anyone working within marketing for a range of industries and, more specifically, in the retail sector. By applying theoretical perspectives to real-world examples, you will learn to understand what really drives consumer buying habits; an essential skill that will stand out to any employer.

The occupational psychology course is also beneficial for organisations at all levels seeking to improve employee satisfaction. Benefit from understanding attitudes in the workplace and learning what drives employee motivation with this diploma which will, in turn, help to improve the overall efficiency of your business.


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