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In today’s world, data drives business and big data drives big business meaning that understanding data analytics is essential for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive job market. Demand for digitally savvy professionals has been on the up for the last decade and is set to continue growing. Choosing to study in this area will open the door to countless opportunities, allowing you to pursue roles as a data scientist, data analyst, business analyst and more!

Our online data analytics courses will provide you with the specialist skills needed to read, interpret and present data in order to make informed business decisions. Our expert tutors will teach you how to draw insights from data to create strategies that will provide your company with an edge over competitors in the market.

Choose from two diplomas, both of which will allow you to hone your analytical skills and transform data into real-time insights. IBAT’s Online Diploma in Data Analysis and Visualisation using Tableau will enable you to collect vast amounts of data and present them visually, from which hidden patterns can be drawn.

Alternatively, the Online Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics is designed for those seeking a more data-driven culture within their organisations. Learn how to select, prepare, integrate and format data to create and deploy predictive models needed to meet specific business goals.

Whether you are hoping to enter marketing, finance, retail or travel, these courses will ensure you stand out to employers as a valuable asset in virtually every industry seeking a competitive edge in the market.

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