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IBAT continues to train staff who work in a variety of different roles with companies such as AIB, Primark, Vodafone, Central Bank of Ireland, AXA, Irish Stock Exchange and more

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Why Cyber Security?

Cyber Security professionals are now more important that ever before.  An ever-growing number of cyber security professionals are needed to defend online security creating millions of jobs worldwide within the field.

  • Did you know Cybercrime damages will cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025? 
  • The worldwide cybersecurity market is set to grow by up to 10% this year to top $60bn, as the global economy slowly recovers from the pandemic. 
  • The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million as of 2020!

As the rates of cybercrime around the world continue to rise, as does the demand for professionals who can protect companies from invisible threats. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to keep your organisation and its IT systems safe by being able to identify and mitigate against cyber threats.

The Diploma in Cyber Security is targeted at individuals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills within this field. We will teach you how to keep your organisation and systems safe at all times by identifying and mitigating threats.

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Key Facts


Face-to-face classes

Study mode:



20th June 2023


Over 4 days (9.00am to 6.00pm)


Tuesday to Friday


June Offer €1250 €1125 on this Course Today


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Secure your place with a €250 deposit

What will I Learn?

Decision makers must be familiar with and act on the principles and best practices of cyber security to best protect their enterprises, and digital assets. The Diploma in Cyber Security offers a broad understanding, along with some of the technical aspects of cyber security. It provides a framework on which learners may immerse in the pressing issues of cyber security and obtain the information needed to make the best decisions for the defence of an organisation, and its digital infrastructure. 

You will also benefit from live sessions with our expert tutors teaching online in real-time, or face-to-face and in the classroom with you, so they will always engage with you directly, offering maximum flexibility with your time and how you learn. 

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The Diploma in Cyber Security will cover securing computer networks, systems vulnerabilities, cybercrimes and internet fraud.  You will learn about protecting data, privacy in the digital world, security controls, as well as risk response development, disaster recovery and business continuity, and ethics and legal requirements of cyber and digital security.   

The Diploma in Cyber Security will also cover:

  • Discuss the laws that are in use to try and regulate the internet.
  • Discuss and assess the various threats posed by internet crime in its many varieties.
  • Provide a framework for you to immerse yourself in the pressing issues of cyber security and obtain the information you need to make the best decisions for the defence of your organisation, and its digital infrastructure.


Assessment is done through an assignment that is completed during the term, and an exam at the end of term.  Both are equally weighted. 

What is a Professional Diploma?

An IBAT Professional Diploma is a focused, short duration practical course that consolidates, upskills and/or reskills learners in a professional area. They are stand-alone qualifications  that do not lead to an award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Career Direction

According to the report ‘Cyber attack surface facts, figures and stats for 2017 to 2022’ there are significant career prospects in this field – ‘the cybersecurity unemployment rate is 0%, and there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021’.

Possible careers within this field include:

  • ICT Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Team Member/Lead
  • Advisory Consultant - Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Managers dealing with Cyber Security teams
Ireland is home to the top five worldwide cyber security companies, including IBM and Integrity 360. The skills gap in Ireland is widening, notably in the field of cybersecurity, where demand for employment is increasing year on year. Th government is struggling to meet the demand for cybersecurity jobs, which has increased by 18% in the last year.
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This course has been developed for those with little or no prior cyber and digital security experience, but a desire to understand appropriate approaches for risk management and best practices in relation to cyber and digital security.

An engineering or computing background is not required to benefit from this courspletion.

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Digital Credentials
A Digital Certificate  and Digital Badge will be issued upon successful completion of a project, which may include assessing human resource policies within a business.

What is a Digital Badge?
A micro-credential is a compact credential that verifies the achievement of a skill or knowledge gained. A Digital Badge is a visual representation of having earned a micro-credential which can be shared on various online platforms to showcase the earner’s achievement.

Why have a Digital Badge?
Your Digital Badge and Certificate can be shared on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Digital Badges can also be added to email signatures, displayed on resumes or added to recognised achievement platforms such as Badgr, Credly and OpenBadges. These are a great way to communicate your knowledge and skills, and highlight your commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Meet Thomas Owen

Thomas Owen, Lecturer on the Diploma in Cyber Security 

Thomas has over the past 20 years experience within ICT and information security, during that time he has worked as chief information officer and chief information security officer in multiple organisations. Here, he explains what students can learn from IBAT's Cyber Security course. He also highlights the varying levels of IBAT students who are studying these courses, from those who have little to no experience, or managers who need a foundation skilllset and awareness of Cyber Threats, and those who are looking to become Cyber Security professionals.

Meet Our Graduates

Graduate Stories

Sandra Griffin
Delighted to have completed my diploma in Cyber and Digital Security from IBAT College Dublin. I decided to pick this up during lockdown to keep myself busy and it was one of the best decisions I made." Amy Norton, Business and Technology Integration Analytics at Accenture

Delighted to have been awarded a Distinction from IBAT for their Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security. Great course delivered by Thomas Owen, would highly recommend.
Sandra Griffin Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security Graduate / Head of Sales Operations at Integrity360
Nicolas Bienvenu
A great course that everybody interested in the Internet technologies, safety and security should follow. The content is indeed large but you will have the opportunity to get inside and out a broader knowledge of what is cyber security, the infinite prospects it opens in particular career wise. This is a great introduction and beyond, a great asset for your future evolution. It gives you the key to open so many others. The teacher is fantastic, you can ask any questions and you will get so much more
Nicolas Bienvenu Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security Graduate



As one of the largest specialist IT security consultancy in the country, Integrity360 secure the networks, infrastructure and information of some of the leading companies in both Ireland and the UK.

We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining a highly skilled workforce.  Cybersecurity, by is very nature,  is an ever evolving and expanding industry so ensuring that we have a training matrix in place to upskill our teams is very important.

In 2020 we engaged with Ibat College Dublin to sign up our Inside Sales Team to achieve their Diploma in Cybersecurity. The content provided on this course provided the team with a working knowledge of the core Cybersecurity Frameworks, an overview of risk management and the legal requirements aligned to GDPR.  The course was delivered online 1 night a week and the team had access to playback of lecture recordings and the Moodle student support with resource material.  The lecturer and course were a perfect match for our requirements and I am happy to advise that all our team came through with distinctions."   - Patrick McHale , Integrity 360 

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Expert Staff

IBAT is committed to providing students with high-quality education and an excellent study experience. To achieve this, IBAT’s programmes are taught by industry-experts and in small class sizes to ensure each student has the opportunity to ask questions and flourish academically.
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Our Dublin campus is based in the city centre, in Temple Bar. Dublin is a city full of culture, with an abundance of live music and many fascinating historical landmarks to visit.
Global Connections

Since 2016, IBAT has been part of the Global University Systems group. This has allowed the college access to an international audience in more than 60 countries. IBAT has also been able to extend the programmes it offers by working with GUS partners.
Student Experience

Our students have access to our state-of-the-art campus which is purpose built. IBAT also offers an extensive amount of student support to ensure you reach your goals.