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TSD Award

Executive 5-Day Mini-MBA

Empowering the leaders of today

5 Days
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Monday to Friday
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London School of Business and Finance
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Course Overview

The 5-Day MBA is a unique distillation of the skills that need to be acquired in order to be considered successful in modern business.  Not everyone is able to devote a year or two of their time to studying for a Masters in Business Administration, but in an age of rapid change in a highly competitive environment it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the issues involved in the smooth and successful running of a business.

The 5-Day MBA Business Administration Masterclass is a highly intensive training course covering all the usual subjects associated with an MBA.  In 5 days a delegate will learn what normally takes a year of full time study.  The course is designed to provide delegates with comprehensive knowledge of fundamental, proven strategies taught as both an academic and practical exercise.

As a result, the course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge that will be required for any person to further develop their business knowledge and skills and even to prepare them for actual formal study for an MBA.

The course is designed to be delivered either as an “In House” class for an organisation’s directors and senior management or as a public class where delegates from a number of companies can learn both from the course and from one another and exchange ideas and best practice.

5 Core Take Aways

  1. To be fully conversant with the technicalities, terminology and academic models associated with MBA study and their application in the modern business environment.
  2. To be able to apply such knowledge for the success of their organisation.
  3. To be able to design, implement and develop innovative business strategies and structures.
  4. To be equipped to understand the demands of complex business operations and the environment within which they operate.
  5. To understand the role of organisational behavior and development in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.


Course Objectives

  1. To provide a comprehensive introduction, overview and analysis of the core business disciplines.
  2. To equip participants with the tools and knowledge that is crucial to business success.
  3. To enhance the performance of participants in their present positions.
  4. To prepare participants for further, substantial career progression by taking them beyond the horizons of their current job.
  5. By using both traditional and innovative models, to provide a simple step-by-step guide to modern business administration.

Who Should Attend

All business sectors can benefit from participation of their organizations from manufacturing industries to healthcare, construction, telecommunications, education and professional services.

This course is specifically aimed at middle to senior level executives engaged in key management roles within a variety of disciplines within their respective organisations.


The 5-Day MBA course was originally designed and delivered for organisations such as the European Union, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the World Bank in delivering increased business capacity building training programs.

Trainer BIO

Nigel Tomlinson
Nigel Tomlinson/ MBA, BA (Hons), CM. /

Nigel is a Non-Executive Director/Advisor and innovation specialist with a career in international business and project management and the development of business to business services spanning 35 years.

Between 1981 and 1997 he worked for British and US blue chip multi-national corporations on international trade and corporate international investment overseeing and developing operations and distribution channels around the world.  He also designed and implemented change management, leadership and continuous improvement programmes for group subsidiary companies worldwide and led teams which won two Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement.

After spells in the USA, Middle East and Japan Nigel joined Sheffield Chamber of Commerce in 1997 as Chief Executive Officer (at the age of 37 he was the youngest Chamber CEO in the UK) overseeing a dramatic change in the organisation and its fortunes which coincided with the economic regeneration of Sheffield. The Chamber developed into a group of companies and became the lead Chamber in the UK for the provision of international trade, commercial training, enterprise support and overseas business capacity building services with the EU and UN.

Under Nigel’s leadership Sheffield Chamber won awards for Excellence in International Trade (2006), Commercial Training (2007), UK Chamber of the Year (2008) and in both 2007 and 2009 was a finalist in the World Chamber Awards.  As a result of these successes, Nigel was selected to serve as a director of the British Chambers of Commerce in 2008.

In 2010 Nigel stepped down as CEO of Sheffield Chamber to build an extensive portfolio of Non-Executive positions and together with partners, to lead an international innovation and business capacity building company, Universal Projects.  In 2013 Nigel was again a finalist in the World Chamber Awards and in 2015 was the recipient of the Howard Rosen Special Award for Business Excellence from the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe.

Nigel is an accredited lecturer/speaker for the UN, World Bank, EU and Eurochambres in a number of subject areas including leadership, change, organisational development and corporate strategy.  Nigel is also an Associate Lecturer for the University of Hull and London School of Business & Finance and an experienced director having served on the boards of nearly 20 different organisations over the last decade.  He is a Chartered Marketer and has an MBA specialising in International Corporate Strategy.

Benefits of Attending

Delegates who complete the course will be given a "Certificate of Completion" for the Mini-MBA programme.


  • Why an MBA?
  • Organisational Behavior & Development
  • Leading Change
  • Stakeholder Management

In this session, delegates will learn about the pressures exerted on all businesses leading to the need for effective organisational development and change management.  Through interaction with the course leader, delegates will look at examples of organisational behavior, development, change and stakeholder management implemented in organisations around the world, how to ensure success but also to understand why and how they often fail.


  • The Global Business Environment
  • Internationalization of Companies & Trade
  • Emerging Trends In Modern Business Management

Delegates will learn about the Global Business Environment, the issues, trends, challenges and tips for success. They will also learn about the ever-growing Internationalization of Companies & Trade with its complexities, threats and opportunities and the need to understand cross-cultural dimensions.  The session will conclude by examining Emerging Trends In Modern Business Management to understand such issues as the importance of style, values, innovation and performance to help delegates in developing their skills to meet modern business challenges and requirements.


  • Ethics
  • Project Management
  • Accounting & Finance
In this session the course will cover the growing need for good ethical conduct in organisations particularly with regard to finance and the environment and the increasing investment in Corporate Social Responsibility.  Delegates will also examine key aspects of effective Project Management learning how to effectively organise, plan and manage a project.  In the final session delegates will also learn the basics of accounting and finance and the questions they need to ask in order to ensure that a company is reporting accurately and trading legally.

Day 4

  • Business Economics
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

In the opening session the class will learn about the importance of Business Economics and its influence on Business Strategy decisions and motives. Delegates will learn of the crucial subjects of Business and Marketing strategies and their inextricable links with one another examining corporate culture, planning, analysis and evaluation using well tested models such as the Balanced Scorecard and the Value Proposition Builder, and types of strategy.  The route to market will be examined including research, environmental analysis, the Mix, Sales, Branding, Pricing Strategies and Communications.

Day 5

  • Business Capacity Building
  • Groups Case Study
  • Final Examination

Delegates will be introduced to the concept of Business Capacity Building by examining company and institutional capacity and the need for effective risk assessment and employee development.

A case study will be undertaken in which delegates will divide into groups to act as the Board of Directors of a well-known organisation and assess a real life issue.  Each group will present their findings and be able to arrive at a reasoned decision of how best to solve the problem through discussion and use of a number of academic models presented during the course.

N.B. Throughout the delivery of the course there will be a number of exercises, games and videos relating to each subject area.

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