Top 5 Reasons to do a part-time MBA Course

Undertaking an MBA can be a long, but extremely rewarding journey. Once you’ve completed all the hard work, you’ll be on your way to a lifetime of success with satisfying, well-paid jobs, an enriching lifestyle as well as making lifelong friends through the course. 

Variety of MBA course candidates

As well as making friends, on your course you’ll meet professional contacts that can prove to be useful in the future if you decide to go into business together or if an alumni member is able to give your career a boost in the future. A part-time MBA course attracts a wider range of learners; this variety can enrich your studies and life in many ways as you’ll meet people who have their own reasons for juggling studies with work/other life commitments. 

Take your MBA at anytime

Ultimately, an MBA can be completed at any point of your life, not just after completing your Bachelor’s degree. In fact, many people choose to undertake an MBA when they have already started their careers, possibly to give them a boost up the career ladder or because they’d like to make a career change. Whatever the reason, there’s an MBA course to cater for all. Classes usually take place over the weekends or in the evenings, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on other commitments. Continue you earn whilst you learn and study at your own pace. 

In fact, the reason part-time MBAs exist is because there is great demand for them. There’s a desire, even amongst those with other commitments, to gain a further education and better their career. 

Part-time courses are perfect for those still in full-time jobs or anyone who has any other life commitments. The only difference between a part-time MBA and a full-time one is that the full-time course takes longer to complete. Other than that, the course syllabus is the same. 

In this day and age, many courses offer online resources, allowing you to study from anytime and anywhere, making a part-time MBA course even more flexible. 

Implement what you are learning right away

If you do happen to be working whilst studying for your MBA, you can implement what you’ve learnt in the classroom to your workplace straightaway and make a greater contribution. If you’re not necessarily looking to make a career change, then this is a great way to get noticed by your current managers and prove to them that you are ready to climb up the career ladder and achieve greatness.

As an MBA covers many different aspects of a business, you’ll get the chance to discover new fields: you may also discover a whole new skillset and find that your strength lies in an area you hadn’t considered before. 

An MBA is a globally-recognised qualification, meaning that if you’re keen to have a global career, you can work in any part of the world and for a variety of large organisations.

Your MBA can be funded

Some companies actively encourage their employees to pursue an MBA which means it could be funded for you if your company is keen for you to acquire particular skills. This is a sign the company could be getting you ready for a promotion and a climb through the company’s career ladder. Organisations have an incentive to keep and reward good employees, so if they spot some potential, they may want to invest in you. 

The Journal of Education for Business found that MBA graduates receive a pay rise of 41% above what they were earning before they gained their prestigious qualification.

Lower cost

Fees for a part-time MBA are actually cheaper than a full-time MBA which is a huge advantage. And if you continue to work whilst studying, this will further help you with future financial payments. 

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