5 Reasons to do an Full-time MBA in Ireland

5 Reasons to do an Full-time MBA in Ireland

5 Reasons to Take a Full-Time MBA in Ireland

MBAs have a strong reputation within the academic sector, and although our work and education has moved online, the business sector continues to pave new paths towards successful work operations. 


New technological changes have also pushed students to become more selective about their education, and those opting to study need three essentials - safety, stability and sufficient job opportunities. 


Ireland has the largest regional employment growth and with a GDP of 5.8%, student needs are met well. The country has remained strong in the face of COVID-19, and with the fastest growing economy in the European Union (EU), it’s the best place for a full-time MBA.  


If you’re looking for the best full-time MBA programs in Ireland, read on for some useful information!


Taking an MBA in Ireland as an international student


According to Forbes, when students think of top full-time MBA programs, their attention turns towards Europe - the reason being the enormous return on investment (ROI) that comes with European MBAs. 


Students from emerging economies prefer to take advantage of low-cost MBA qualifications that equip them for modern work operations, and also give them some international work exposure. 


MBA courses in Ireland offer a lot of range in terms of specialisations and students can opt for anything ranging from HRD and finance to marketing. These degrees are recognised and also bring an increase of 50-60% in annual pay according to a recent European study. [AC1] 


Even in 2020, many sectors of Ireland have seen tremendous growth and job opportunities with a rise in IT, supply chains, marketing and various other fields. Home to multinationals like Apple, Google, Facebook, Ryanair and more, the country also ranked 12th in the Global Peace Index 2013.


The benefits of studying an MBA in Ireland 


A hub of opportunities and a haven for the academically inclined, Ireland is dubbed as the ‘land of saints and scholars’, and its remained a favoured destination for international students looking for MBA courses due to the below reasons.


  1. Easy work visa 

Getting a work visa is a big deal for foreign students who are keen to join the workforce and gain some vital job experience. Ireland makes this process easier for MBA students from non-European countries by offering them a two-year graduate work visa. After the two years, students can apply for the Irish green card and even join the country’s work permit scheme. This policy also applies to MBA students from the USA. 


  1. Affordable education 

Finding top-notch MBA programmes at effective prices is unheard of, but Ireland makes it possible for students to get access to quality education at affordable rates. This is among the many reasons why students from 160 countries come here to study and make up 12% of the total population. 


  1. Hub of start-ups 

While Ireland is already a hub for multinationals and reputed corporate houses, it’s equally popular for its numerous start-ups. Names like Ambisense, Cloudsmith, Bluedrop Medical and more are making big waves in the Irish economy. The growth of these emerging brands is beneficial to overall business growth and the Irish market. 


  1. Job opportunities

While the shortage of skilled labour is daunting, MBA graduates will find many work opportunities in the current market. Equipped with business knowledge and essential skills, you can easily meet the current work requirements.


  1. Growing economy 

On the ‘per capita’ parameter, Ireland’s GDP ranks fourth in the world. Before the pandemic, the country had the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone and the government had a surplus of €1.3 billion. While the nation has not remained unaffected by the crisis, its recovery has been strong. Overseas investment such as fintech companies moving to Ireland has been influential in the fast recovery of the Irish economy.  Gaining a full-time MBA for working professionals in such a booming market will certainly make for a profitable venture. 


An MBA is a gateway to success in the business world and you can give your career a boost by browsing MBA programs at IBAT College. By pursuing a full-time MBA program, you will be able to acquire the essential business and transferable skills that are vital for success in the professional world.


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