How to kick-start your career in Cloud Computing

In our ever-changing technological landscape, computer security is becoming an increasingly important topic. Although it is not a new phenomenon, cybercrime, especially in Ireland, has recently become a bigger threat to local businesses, as well as a concern for the whole country’s digital economy. With this premise in mind, there has been a constantly increasing need for new skillsets, designed to deal with current digital transformations. Therefore, there has never been a better opportunity to work in cloud computing. If you have heard of this field before and always wondered how to pursue a career in it, keep reading this blog.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be defined by the amount of data that is not stored on computers but can rather be accessed through the Internet anytime and anywhere. Pursuing a career in cloud computing can be very rewarding, as it allows professionals to develop and implement various IT projects in a faster way, not relying on physical machines any longer. Professions related to cloud computing include software engineers, cloud architects, cloud consultants and many more. Whichever specialisation you would like to focus on, it is recommendable that you follow a few important steps that will help you become a skilled cloud computing expert. 

Develop your career in cloud computing 

The first thing to do is to build a strong knowledge which will serve as foundation throughout your career. Learn everything you need to know about the field of cloud computing in order to increase your chances of landing cloud computing jobs. These are some of the skills required to build a successful cloud computing career:

  • Coding skills 
  • Database management
  • Cloud technologies
  • Business management 

Not only does the cloud allow users to create, host and develop applications, but it also allows them to manage and store data in a much more effective way. In order to maximise the use of this platforms, it is essential to learn SQL – database query language, which will make it easier for programmers to access and use the cloud. Another important thing to take into account is to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies: as we live in a digital era, new technologies are emerging on a regular basis. Therefore, being aware of the most recent developments in the field is beneficial, whether you are an engineer, a developer or a cloud operator. In order to excel in the field of cloud computing, it is recommended that you get at least one of the following certifications, which are likely to help you kick-start your cloud computing career:

  • AWS Certification
  • Google Cloud Platform CloudAcademy
  • Certified Cloud Professional (CCP)
Cloud computing is an ever changing, interesting sector to work in. If you are interested in building a career in cloud computing, grab your chance and learn some more information on the programmes offered at IBAT College Dublin.
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