Career opportunities with Desktop Publishing

The dynamic landscape of business is constantly impacted by changes and the only assurance of progress comes in the form of upskilling. While the market offers new jobs, some roles remain constant due to the importance they hold. Graphic design is always in-demand, irrespective of economic turbulence and design skills can always be further built upon to pursue a variety of other opportunities, such as a career in desktop publishing. 

Designers are an integral part of any business as they provide designs and ideas relevant to product marketing. As a brand evolves, it needs to revamp its identity and this is where graphic designers come into the picture. If you are currently looking to pursue a job that offers stability, then graphic design is a great choice. This job also goes by the name of ‘desktop publishing’ and focuses on nurturing your creative abilities for jobs across various fields. Some of these roles and their relevance has been shared in this blog as well as an in-depth look into desktop publishing.

What is desktop publishing?

While we have all heard of a graphic design course, many of us are not that well-acquainted with desktop publishing courses. This is the process of producing printed copy with the use of special software which links desktop computers with other printers and desktops to produce high-quality content. Many reasons attribute to the popularity of this method of designing, some of which are listed below. 

Low cost

Producing high-quality marketing materials at cost-effective rates is one of the biggest perks of this software and hence it’s being used by many companies. Designers need to align with the needs of the client and so it makes sense to invest in desktop publishing as it pays well in a short time by giving good traction to a large amount of work. 

Professional layouts 

Desktop publishing is used for creating web pages, newsletters, banners and other creative content for marketing. Regular templates make it difficult for a company to stand out amongst its competitors. With desktop publishing, you can explore various types of templates and choose one that suits the brand and its theme. This unique quality also makes it a viable tool for all designers. Desktop publishing and graphic design courses are the best way to gain this knowledge and progress in your career. 

Careers with desktop publishing

In Ireland, graphic design is an in-demand career which offers terrific scope in terms of finding the right job. Considering that many companies require graphic illustrators to help design materials for their products, you will find many interesting options to choose from. 

The right training is a requisite to enhance your opportunities and for this, you can enrol on a good graphic design course Dublin or go for part time graphic design courses Dublin, if you are a working professional. Below, we’ve outlined some excellent and well-paying jobs you can pursue with a Diploma in Desktop Publishing. 

Newsletter designer

Newsletters are a common way of keeping customers updated on services, product, event and other things. Companies hire newsletter designers to work on stories and create designs that are rich in graphics and specialised fonts. This way, newsletters generate interest from customers and in turn, get customers to focus on what the company is promoting. A graphic design qualification is a must if you are keen to pursue this role. 

Font designer

Fonts are an integral part of the publishing industry and are basically various typefaces that are used in accordance with the design. Headlines require a certain sort of font, whereas captions are written differently. Often, the right font is unavailable for a printing application and font designers build a new font. They also work on pre-existing fonts and modify them as per suitability. 

Graphic designer 

The work of a graphic designer involves creating visual concepts in the form of banners, logos and other advertising materials. They are required in almost every corporation and are an important part of the creative marketing team. Desktop publishing candidates looking to pursue this role must possess excellent drawing skills. 

Creative expertise is largely in-demand in the market and you can land yourself a great job if you have the requisite skills. The Online Diploma in Desktop Publishing offered by IBAT College Dublin helps you achieve industry-level knowledge in graphics and design, preparing you for a variety of roles within desktop publishing. Click on the link to find out more.

This article was written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Anisa C.