Enhance Your Career with a Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Certain traits are needed to excel in the fields of sales and marketing. If you’re a people-person who's good at convincing others to follow your ideas and you have a knack for statistics, this could be your dream career!

Irrespective of what position you aspire to have in the corporate world, a major part of your job will involve some aspect of selling and marketing—marketing your ideas to your manager, engaging with clients and customers or selling a product idea to a potential investor. Thorough training in the areas of sales and marketing can help you rise to the top of your profession and impress with your employability skills.

Read on to discover the prospects after taking a marketing and sales course and where you can pursue it.

Why should you choose a sales and marketing career?

There are plenty of reasons to start a career in this popular field and job security is one of them. Almost all businesses depend on their marketing and sales teams to generate revenue, so professionals are always needed in this field.

Another reason to join is for all the connections you’ll make. A sales job involves meeting new people and this can enhance your career prospects. 

Remuneration packages in this area are also great and according to jobs site, Indeed.com, a sales manager in Dublin can earn up to € 35,433 annually.

Sales and marketing graduates are needed across all sectors, so you’re free to experiment with different industries before finalising on one that you may have a passion for.

Employment prospects after sales and marketing courses

The sky's the limit for marketing and sales graduates. Here are some of the exciting roles in the industry that might interest you:

  •         PPC specialist
  •         Social media manager
  •         Sales manager
  •         Customer relations executive
  •         Sales promotion account executive
  •         Media buyer
  •         Advertising account executive
  •         Market researcher
  •         Product manager
  •         Public relations officer
  •         Marketing executive
  •         Sales leads generation expert
  •         Marketing and communications officer


Marketing and sales courses in Dublin

If you wish to study abroad, and are looking for a place with rich cultural heritage, the amenities of a city life as well as a stunning landscape, look no further than Dublin! Pursuing a course here can bring you the dual benefits of a quality education with an active social life too.

Ireland is renowned for its quality higher education system and has many institutions  which offer a wide range of sales courses to help you on your way to a successful career.

IBAT College Dublin offers a  Diploma in Sales and Marketing programme. This course will expose you to contemporary principles and best industry practices.

Click here to learn more about this course. Don’t delay; apply today to enhance your career prospects!