Full-time MBA or part-time MBA: Which one should you choose?

A Master’s in Business Administration or MBA programme continues to be one of the most popular business management courses in the modern world. Aspiring MBA graduates come from many different industries and are often looking to enhance their careers or to start their own business venture.

With the tremendous growth in the business education domain, MBA courses are now available in different formats. Depending on your priorities, you can opt for either full-time, part-time or online studying.

But what are the pros and cons of studying an MBA part-time or full-time?

Benefits of part-time MBA

MBA courses from reputed colleges can get expensive, especially if you already have heavy financial obligations. However, part-time MBA courses are comparably less expensive than full-time MBA courses. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the cost of studying, a part-time programme might be preferable.

Additionally, if you’re already working in a job you enjoy and want to study whilst working, a part-time MBA might be a good option. Pursuing a part-time management qualification can help you gain an extensive knowledge in your field of work and enhance your career prospects. If you want to accelerate your career in a specific domain, a part-time MBA course can help you gain the relevant skills required for advancing your career.

An advantage of pursuing this format is also the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge you gain from the course in your current job. This feature makes part-time MBA courses popular among working professionals who wish to advance their current knowledge and skill sets.

Lastly, most part-time courses hold classes on weekends, rather than in the week, and have less stringent academic deadlines compared to regular MBA courses. This way, you can maintain your studies easily alongside your job and still have plenty of opportunities to spend time with your family and friends.

IBAT College Dublin has a great part-time MBA in Ireland, which is ideal for working professionals. The format can help them upskill and progress in their careers whilst working in full-time jobs. The course is also great for those working in middle management and are looking for better opportunities.

Benefits of full-time MBA

There are several key benefits to pursuing a full-time MBA. Most students enrolling in this programme format get a chance to study again, often after a gap of several years. Mingling with other students and professors on the campus hones their networking skills which is useful for their future careers.

Full-time degrees also provide a chance to engage in extracurricular activities around the college which can again help with networking. Many universities host different clubs with activities ranging from visiting the theatre to hiking which can allow students to have an active social life in addition to focusing on their academics.

Full-time MBA courses can allow students to give their complete focus on their studies. The format is designed to reduce distractions which can enhance your educational experience.

IBAT College Dublin offers a great full-time MBA programme which can be a career enhancer. Being established in the cosmopolitan Dublin, the full-time MBA course from IBAT College is appropriate for foreign students who have moved to Dublin for their studies. It also caters perfectly to expats in the city who can afford to pursue an MBA full-time.

Which one should you choose?

As apparent from above, both the MBA formats have their own set of selling points and advantages. The final decision often boils down to your priorities. You should pursue a part-time MBA in Dublin if you’re looking for an active career while studying. You can opt for a full-time format if you want to take advantage of a college campus buzzing with opportunities.

IBAT College Dublin offers both formats for interested students. Both courses offer the advantages of a diverse curriculum, small student to staff ratio, and experienced faculty. Students of both courses can also study at the beautiful IBAT campus based in picturesque Dublin.

The college is currently open for applications for both programmes beginning September 2020. Click here to get in-depth information about both the MBA  courses at IBAT College Dublin.


This article is written by Sweha Hazari.