How Python Programming is set to take over the Irish industry

The prospects of python programming within the Irish job market

If you are considering a career within the field of programming, then learning Python online is a good place to start. Job stability, career progression and rewarding pay package are just a few of the many benefits of studying a python programme.

There is a growing trend amongst Irish students who are keen to learn python as it has become an increasingly sought-after skill which is easy to pick up and offers many long-term gains. If you are considering learning Python, this blog will clear all your queries surrounding python programming courses and the benefits they offer.

Popular coding language in Ireland

As the number of smartphone users continues to grow at exponential rates, there is now an ever-expanding demand for developers.

Pursuing an online Python course is an increasingly popular choice because this is a general-purpose programming language which is very powerful and widely used. It has a fast edit-test-debug cycle which means it can execute testing and correct codes much faster than other languages. This means that using Python simplifies work and enables more productivity.

Many young professionals are keen to learn programming and start their career as software developers and professionals, opting for python course online to future proof their career and enhance their job prospects.

Why become a python developer? 

The vast IT landscape of Ireland gives Python a lot of importance making it an ever-popular and in-demand coding language. Recruiters are also keen to find candidates that have relevant knowledge in the field. As such, this is an important skill to acquire if you are seeking a rewarding job role in the Irish job market.

Even globally, clients and businesses seek talented professionals who are proficient in Python programming. Giant corporate brands such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit and more make continuous use of this language. The reason for this is simply the three main aspects it caters to - learnability, readability and flexibility. 

Career opportunities with python 

The main reason to pursue an online Python course is the multitude of job opportunities it provides. The language is sought after in many domains including the profile of data scientist, which is a key role in the business world. Among the diverse domains which Python can be used include:  

  1. Web development and frameworks 
  2. Game development 
  3. Big data
  4. Web testing 
  5. AI/ data science 
  6. Smart devices 

Skills for learning Python Programming:

Learning Python is a whole process in itself and it requires time and effort as you build on your skills to progress. An online diploma in python programming can help you gain a strong foothold in the coding industry, providing core technical abilities which will enhance your chances of success. Here are some skills that will add more value to the role of a developer and help them in carrying out their duties more efficiently. 

  • Python frameworks: In addition to understanding the main programming language, developers are usually required to have some understanding of Python libraries and frameworks. The most prominent frameworks are Django, Flask and CherryPy.
  • ORM Libraries: Structured Query Language  (SQL) writing allows you to access and manipulate databases, an integral part of programming. As this can often be a time-consuming process, teams prefer using applications through Object Relational Mappers (ORMs) such as SQLAlchemy and Django ORM which are code libraries that allow automated transfer of data. 
  • Front-end technologies: As a Python developer, you will be expected to work with the front-end team and it is therefore important to have some knowledge of front end technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.  
  • AI and Machine Learning: Technology is now an integral part of every sector, therefore as a Python developer, AI/ machine learning skills will significantly enhance your prospects.

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This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.