Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global employment stature

The pandemic has deeply impacted the world around us. No sector has remained untouched by its effects, with global employment experiencing major shifts in the past few months.

The impact on industries with worldwide lockdown measures in place has halted certain areas of business. While many of us have adapted to the new normal, we must prepare for future changes as well. Currently, we are seeing the emergence of a remote working culture, online meetings via video conferencing software and new international trade mechanisms which will affect global employment opportunities in the years to come. Read on to find out more.

Work will go digital 

Amid continuous talks of technological changes and development, the global pandemic has showed us how far we have advanced. The entire world, be it a small business or bigger establishments, are now relying on online platforms to conduct day-to-day business functions. Fast internet speed attributed to wireless 3G and 4G connection is helping us immensely in these times. Many business owners have completely shifted to digital means to offer their services. 

E-commerce activities are on a rise in places where lockdown has been partially relaxed. There is an emergence of innovative businesses and start-ups as people have had the time to acquire new skills which can now be put to use. Enhanced location-based analytics for safety assessments and operations is a prime example of these skills.

Coronavirus has resulted in a huge shift towards flexible and remote working. This new model will be retained by many companies even post pandemic and can help bridge the gap for employers having to physically source candidates from other cities or countries. This will also pave the way for more employment opportunities as people can work within a wider network of corporates and professionals.

Diversified trade 

Previously, trends global employment was largely dependent on globalisation and supply chains. Companies investing abroad resulted in ample employment opportunities as well as boosting economies of the countries where they originally set-up business. The pandemic outbreak will diversify the financial markets as we begin to see new routes of trade with corporations looking for alternate suppliers.

Supply chains are often focused on carrying out production activities in countries where the cost is low. In light of recent events, these chains will likely spread to new places which are more immune to any crisis situation. This process will certainly give a new shape to global employment opportunities and offer jobs to those part of this larger chain.

Jobs in the health sector  

Evidently, one sector that has been largely impacted by the global pandemic is the health industry. The sudden peak in the demand of medics showed that there is a capacity for further development and subsequent employment opportunities in this field. We may even begin to see a sharp surge in students opting for a medical career. Given that a lot is already in pipeline for the institutional strengthening of healthcare, this sector will hope to see more stability in the years to come.


Following the pandemic outbreak, the new world that we enter will majorly focus on re-skilling. The market is continuously working to live up to the technological transformations that happened over such a short time span.

Sectors are already conducting operations and re-structuring jobs to suit the new set up of the future. Many countries have turned to a new mechanism that sustains the economy and are taking decisive action. As more companies adapt to the new normal, we are likely to see a rise in demand for tech-oriented professionals, particularly those with specialist knowledge in cybersecurity and data analytics. Re-creating jobs has become a priority as various sectors are working to increase supply and demand around the world.

It is clear that as far as employment opportunities are concerned, traditional formats are now losing ground. Skills, like enhanced usage of tech tools, that were perhaps underutilised before are now being developed through effective training as the need for professionals to be trained in technology grows. This will also be beneficial to small businesses as they are prepared for any future crisis as well. 

The snapshot of tomorrow that we can envision today focuses on a highly advanced spectrum of jobs, with a common workplace that has under gone a major re-structing. By enhancing your expertise in crucial sectors such as data science, cybersecurity and more, you will more equipped for many emerging job roles which will be taking precedence in the coming months and years.

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This article is written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.