Meet the Academic Team

Academic Team

What the team does

The Academic Team is responsible for managing programme delivery, assessments and student welfare.  We are focused on student success and ensure that quality is maintained to the highest standards, nationally and internationally, supported by our quality assurance infrastructure.

Student achievement and satisfaction is important to us and our favourite time of the year is graduation when we join students and their families to celebrate their hard work!

When can students interact with the team?

Once you have registered with the college, you will meet Emmalyne Smith, Programme Administration Manage, who will support you with accessing your programme and finding your way around the college. 

At this point, you will also meet Yumi Broomfield, Student Affairs Coordinator at induction, and she will ensure you are aware of all college support activities.

  • When students need personal guidance or are struggling academically, Yumi is available. She is responsible for developing and coordinating activities that support student success.
  • Emmalyne is an important point of contact between students, lecturers, the Academic Team itself and the Registrar's office. She ensures that all learners are registered, appropriate programme resources are available, and monitors the submission of assignments. She also helps lecturers out with delivery of materials and assessments.
  • Dr Lane manages the academic programmes and has operational responsibility for quality of teaching, research and student support services.

If you’d like further information regarding our work, get in touch with Pam, Head of Student Affairs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.