Target Global Career Success with IBAT College’s Industry-Based Diplomas

As innovations and technological advancements continue to move the world forward, professional expertise and specifications are held in high esteem. An average college graduate is expected to be well-versed with the practical knowledge and technicalities of their field even before they take up their first job.

For instance, if you are training to become a sales person, employers expect that you have a good grasp of consumer behaviour, current marketing trends, strategies used in product innovation and theoretical knowledge of marketing principles.

IBAT College Dublin recognises this trend and has accordingly tweaked their professional diplomas to cater to students craving a successful career. From online programmes in cybersecurity to diplomas in psychology, the institution covers a broad range of professional disciplines fit for the contemporary workplace.

This blog illustrates the benefits of pursuing professional diplomas with an industry-first approach and also explores how IBAT courses meet the checklist for career progression.

Student diversity

One of the most important transferable skills required is the ability to work and collaborate with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds. Professional diplomas offered by international institutes are excellent for working on your collaborative skills as you are thrown in the company of peers and students from various countries.

IBAT College attracts students from different parts of the world, partly due to its excellent reputation and partly due to the ease of education in Ireland. While studying at IBAT, you not only get to experience the rich Irish culture, but you also get an opportunity to mingle with students of varied nationalities.

Availability of global career opportunities

Most students pursuing professional diplomas in a popular field aim to grasp skills matching international standards which can allow them to pursue a career anywhere in the world.

IBAT students keep their aspirations high as their courses are customised to international standards and the college has a credible record in diverse geographical placements with its alumni working in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Lisbon, Italy, the USA and the UK.

Multiple opportunities for career progression

Another advantage that students and working professionals expect from professional diplomas is the chance to work for multinational companies and reputable employers. IBAT believes in preparing students to become employment-ready right from when they graduate.

Past data from LinkedIn reveals that IBAT alumni are working for prestigious companies like Accenture, AIB, Primark, Keelings, Covalen and at Indeed Jobs.

Industrial connections and partnerships

As most professional diplomas are designed to provide students with thorough industrial and practical knowledge, most institutes partner with reputable professional bodies and organisations for knowledge transfer and cross training.

IBAT College is proudly partnered with the likes of the Project Management Institute, the Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services, the Tableau for Teaching programme and CompTIA. In addition, the college also trains staff from different local organisations such as Primark, Central Bank of Ireland and the Irish Stock Exchange.

Pursuing a professional diploma at IBAT with the prime focus on improving your employability is a recipe for success and will allow you to pursue a career of your choice. Click here to get a comprehensive look at the courses offered by the institution.


This blog was written by Sweha Hazari and edited by Anisa C.