Which Option Should You Choose in Ireland — Online or On-Campus Learning?

Which Option Should You Choose in Ireland — Online or On-Campus Learning?

College might mean different things to different people in 2020. The word might bring images of big lecture halls teeming with students. At the same time, others might associate college with sitting in front of their PC to attend online classes.

In contrast to the conventional on-campus learning format, online learning has now become a part of mainstream education. According to The Irish Times, there’s been a steady increase in remote learners in the country between 2016 - 2019. Both formats have their own USPs and provide a good quality education.

If you’re looking at different online and off-line learning options in Ireland, this is a helpful blog post to read as we’ve compared both models using common factors that students use to decide how to study.

Flexible schedules

The amount of time you dedicate to your course will determine its effectiveness. Hence, flexibility in your learning schedule can be a primary motivator in your choice.

If you can dedicate ample time to the course, you should opt for conventional on-campus education. Additionally, you may also have to factor in extra time for a commute to the college and interacting with people at college.

If you have unavoidable personal or professional obligations or the study timetables don’t match your availability, a virtual education can be the best alternative. Online learning platforms provide you with the flexibility to attend a lecture at your convenience as opposed to a specific time in a traditional set-up.

Affordability and accessibility

The tuition fees for a particular programme can be another significant factor in guiding your choice. If you find conventional courses expensive, you may find online courses more fitting to your budget. Most online programmes are usually cheaper than their traditional counterparts which makes them perfect for those who might not be able to invest a lot of money.

Accessibility is another significant advantage of online learning over on-campus courses. Students with disabilities may find it difficult to commute every day and so may prefer to learn from home. Online classes can also be feasible for those living in remote or rural areas.

Self-motivation and discipline

Self-motivation and your willingness to stick to a regular schedule will impact how well you adapt to a curriculum. Conventional classroom teaching requires you to attend lectures and submit assignments regularly, and you’ll also get to interact with your classmates and academics.

Although online study also requires you to complete regular assignments, the added flexibility means some find it challenging to maintain the same level of discipline compared to a conventional set-up.

Social interactions

As a result of being technologically advanced, online education allows for social interactions with tutors and fellow learners – this can keep you motivated and means you can get your work-related questions answered via video, phone and message.

Off-line learning offers chances for you to ask spur-of-the-moment questions and enjoy face-to-face conversations.

Which format should you choose?

Both formats have their own benefits and challenges, and therefore, you should base your decision on your own priorities. If you are keen to save money and can establish a regular schedule on your own, you should learn online with digital courses.

On the other hand, you should stick to off-line education if you want to cultivate a greater social life and meet your classmates regularly.

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This article was written by Sweha Hazari.