How can a Modular MBA program add value to your career?

How can a Modular MBA program add value to your career?

How can a Modular MBA program add value to your career?

As the demands of the modern corporate spaces go up, it is increasingly getting difficult to go back to school to upskill yourself or advance in your career. Business education degrees can help you obtain the relevant managerial skills in your field. However, a traditional full-time MBA might not allow you to pursue a full-time career along with your studies.

The modular MBA program can be an ideal alternative for you to pursue an MBA as a working professional. The format allows you the additional advantage of being able to apply your learnings in your job and get practical experience.

Read ahead to find out more about this MBA pathway and how it can add value to your corporate career.

What is a modular MBA?

Most people incorrectly assume that a modular MBA is the same as a part-time MBA. On the contrary, a modular MBA retains much more of the structure of a traditional MBA than its part-time counterpart. It also retains all the benefits like affordability and the ability to pursue a career on the side.

In the part-time format, you can complete the residential study sessions through online discussion boards, webinars, research projects and online assignments. However, these sessions are typically conducted in a classroom environment within a modular format.

Most modular MBA programmes space their modules close together so that you can graduate sooner. You may have to attend face-to-face classes only once or twice per module depending on the programme curriculum.

At IBAT, the modular pathway is divided into 6 modules and a dissertation. This structure provides you with the flexibility to study whenever it’s convenient for you.

How can a Modular MBA at IBAT prepare you for your career?

Most modular MBAs consist of a wide range of modules covering all the essential managerial techniques and principles you ought to know for a corporate career.

The pathway to MBA at the IBAT College Dublin consists of several broad-spectrum management disciplines that can prepare you for a wide range of corporate careers. It broadens your career scope and provides you with the right leadership and management skills you need to advance in your career.

Here is a glimpse into a few critical modules of the modular MBA pathway at the IBAT College and their career prospects.

  1. Human resource management

Human resources (HR) are an integral part of building a company. This module can help you critically evaluate business environments and analyse how resourcing an organisation is affected and informed by internal and external factors that in turn serve to influence the policies, procedures and processes adopted by the organisation.

Some career opportunities in this domain include HR managers, HR business partners and payroll specialists.

  1. Strategic management

Strategic management is vital to ensure your business’s sustainability and long-term success. It involves creating data-backed well-defined business plans and strategies that can help in the growth of the company.

The strategic management module can help you gain the analytical and business acumen required to make strategic decisions on behalf of the company. It can also improve your leadership skills.

A few roles in strategic management include project analyst, project consultant and business analyst.

  1. Finance for managers

This course module will help you research, evaluate and critically discuss various issues and theoretical frameworks used in the management and control of financial resources. Get a run of all the financial techniques and processes which are required to make strategic business decisions.

The modular MBA pathways let you accumulate all the course credits required for an MBA in Ireland one module at a time. You get to pursue a full-time career with your studies and get a practical insight into your studies, especially if you are working in the business or management domain.

The MBA pathway programme at IBAT College Dublin provides you access to a world-class faculty with years of industry and teaching experience. Besides, the course is accredited by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, which is one of the most reputed universities in the region.

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This article was written by Sweha Hazari.