Popular Careers in Ireland During COVID-19

As 2020 comes to an end, recruitment in Ireland is proving to be in a strong position as firms look for new candidates. However, this year is a little different as COVID-19 has completely transformed the market and as a job seeker, you must adapt to the new landscape. 

The pandemic has accelerated digital growth, and pushed many businesses to adopt technological changes, almost overnight. Offices are no longer the same with remote working, collaborative software and flexible shifts becoming the norm. Tech tools that were in the experimental stage previously are now being used on a daily basis. 

This means job trends in 2020 will incorporate all these new elements, resulting in a  dynamic and digitalised work environment, and therefore, having a good understanding of this new landscape is necessary before you enter the workforce. 

A digital generation

According to Connexus Recruit, 20% of the Irish workforce in the next year will consist of millennials, which is no surprise as the country has the youngest population in Europe. Given that Ireland also has one of the best education systems in the world, youngsters have time to prepare themselves for a successful career.

This is the age of the smartphone-savvy digital generation who can make brilliant use of these new changes, provided they take the right career path backed-up with relevant courses. This spike in digital trends has led to many new opportunities, and if you play your cards right, a bright future awaits you.

Trending careers 2020

There are plenty of careers in Ireland to explore, and you can land a suitable job, provided you have a good understanding of how each industry currently works. This can direct your career choices better, and help you make enhanced professional decisions. Below, we’ve outlined the sectors that are doing well right now, despite the pandemic.

Data analytics

As the world becomes more digitalised, there will be a surge in data which can be used by businesses for decision-making. Many high-potential start-ups are already cropping up in Ireland with an innovative approach towards data analytics. Some of them like Beauty Buddy, Cloud KPI and Empeal are proactively using data in industries ranging from cosmetics to healthcare.  As this sector strengthens, students must start looking for good courses to upskill for new job roles. 


Another area that you can venture into is programming as it’s in-demand. Used by software developers and data scientists, python programming is best suited to many technology-related roles and can help you land great jobs.

A report by ‘Prolifics Testing’ suggests Python Programming courses are sought-after by Brits who are keen on adding this skill to their CV as proficiency in this language is the sixth most desired in the tech industry. 


During the first half of 2020, almost 56 financial firms entered the Irish market which proves how well the industry is performing. Being the only English-speaking country in the European Union (EU), Ireland has caught the eyes of investors and its stable market provides fertile ground for development. Therefore, professionals looking for career advancement should consider Finance or Bookkeeping courses to gain valuable skills for this sector. 

Digital marketing 

2020 saw many organisations shifting to digital business models, which in turn highlighted the importance of e-commerce and online marketing. Given this trend, there’s a tremendous spike in job opportunities too.

Currently, some of the top trending jobs in Ireland, and globally, are in the digital sector as each firm wants to adapt to this landscape. They have understood that the online realm offers both flexibility as well as visibility which are highly important in a competitive global market. This is why recruiters are looking for professionals who have knowledge of this and can become an asset to their employers. 

Job hunting in 2020 requires you to rework on your expertise and education. You must become aware of your core skills and build them up to meet current industry requirements. There are a wide variety of courses offered by IBAT College Dublin which will give you the skills to work in multiple sectors ranging from business to finance and technology.

Taught in collaboration with The University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), Tableau, the Digital Marketing Institute and many others, IBAT’s courses will give you all the necessary skills and credentials to become a successful professional. 

This article was written by Nandita Kaushal.